Monday, January 31, 2005

Crafting for a Cause!

This weekend I made necklaces and scarves. 60% of the proceeds will go to support the Pittsburgh Women's Center and Shelter and the Pittsburgh Action Against Rape Crisis Center.
They can be purchased here (necklaces) and here (scarves)

The scarves are made of a stripped jersey material, backed by soft flannel or fleece. The vagina is pink vinyl and felt.

This series of necklaces is composed of a handmade collage, set behind a glass stone which is wrapped in wire and on a satin cord.

Specific images were made with quotes from the Vagina Monologues, or from Eve Ansler, the author. Other designs (and clearer images of these) are available through the website.

Friday, January 28, 2005

I love this blog

Design Sponge is a really interesting blog. Specifically because it's everything that I would love this blog to be, and she's even highlighted some of my favorite lady crafters (Specifically My Papercrane and Small things.
She's everything I wish that I was. In the words of someone once saying this about me: "I want to kill her so I can become her."

Sunday, January 23, 2005

On a mermaid theme...

I try not to do kitschy (sp?) but I went with a mermaid theme for a co-worker. I really wanted to do a Sailor Jerry mermaid theme, but the necklace was for her sister that has small children. I even made a bag for it, but it was ruined when some hummus spilled on it. (the garlic smell just wouldn't come out!) Oh well.
It's a double sided necklace so that it could be possibly hung in her sunroom instead of worn. It's a bit thicker than I usually make them, but I used bits of sheet copper for great depth in the piece.

the necklace:
and the bag:

Now Shop!

My purses, glass necklaces, plate necklaces and rings are now sold at:
Hoopla Traders
524 8th Street , SE
In Washington, DC

A new Shop!

My purses, glass necklaces, plate necklaces and rings are now sold at:
Hoopla Traders
524 8th Street , SE
In Washington, DC

Monday, January 17, 2005

New Plate Necklaces

This is the latest collection. The necklaces are made from broken pieces of china, set on sterling chains.
(Sorry the pics are awful b/c I took them late last night and have been trying to size them with MS Office 98 Photo Imaging software at work and it's been a nightmare.)

Large beige plate piece with gold decoration on the plate. Rhinestone charm attached on sterling chain.

Large flower plate-piece with glass leaf

2 square green ceramic plate piece surrounding a yellow plate piece that was my late grandmother's.

A large green leaf plate-piece with a separte chain for pink glass flower beads. Sterling chain and magnetic closure.

3 green pieces on a sterling chain. I really like the simplicity of this one, and it's very reminicent of late 70's kitchen colors.

This piece has more of an urban feel to it with the thick sterling chains and the black plate-pieces with ridges. Translucent blue/black tube and opaque black square beads on complementing chain. Magnetic closure.

These pictures are a tab blurry, and it's a shame b/c there is so much to see! The 2 floral patterened plate-pieces are on separate chains which each have many assorted beads.

This is a simple but heavy-duty choker make of various plate-pieces.

This large floral piece is on a chain comprised of 1"-4" silver chain sections. Each section is held together by 2 jump rings which each contain an pink glass teardrop bead.

The next 3 are on satin ribbon with a base-metal toggle with a rose on in.


Here are handbags that I finished this weekend. I'm pretty satisfied with them, although the pictures are very poor, it was late and the office software isn't cutting it as an editor.
They are made from vintage and/or remnant fabric pieces that are beaded/sequined

Radiant Love Transmitter 'quilted' bag

I had made this collage for a necklace and it is a hot seller, so I decided to create a purse for it.

He holds her heart in his hands
This is a great vintage graphic of an autopsy that I enhanced with coloring and beaded/sequined. Complete with sequined back and sequine velrco closure.

Lines from a Walt Whitman poem and a vintage graphic of a women. Add some quilted fabrics, a rhinestone and the result is a cute handbag.

Lovely Lady
This piece of fabric has been waiting a few months for the spring to be turned into a purse. Vintage image of a woman lounging about.

60's lady
Hard to see, but this 'style bag' has an image of a woman from about the 60's in a scandalous white jumpsuit.

Furry Top
The green material that make the base of this purse is really great. Added is a woman from about the 30's and a bit of faux fur.

Lovely Lady
Thick upolstry fabric with silk drape-material for the handle and velcro closure.

Lovely Lady
Thick upolstry fabric with velco closure and glamorous lady.

Friday, January 14, 2005

An alright kale recipe

1 3/4 cp soymilk (I used vanilla, but recommend plain)
1/2 cp Nutritional yeast
1.5 Tbsp dried, ground rosemary
1 Tbsp basil
pepper to season (I used garlic chili sauce since I didn't have pepper.)
1 tsp salt
1 clove garlic
1/2 Tbsp lemon juice
1- 1 1/2 Tbsp veggie margarine
2 Tbsp cornstarch (+ more if needed)
~ 2 cp kale.

Mix everything except the kale and cornstarch. Warm over medium heat and add cornstarch. Add in small amounts, whisking well to thicked to a watery-alfredo consistency. When its at the consistency that you want, all the kale.

While your doing that, prepare any veggies/pasta that you may want. I used:
~ 3/4 cp carrots
2 cp brocoli
1 medium onion
1.5 cp wheat pasta pagotas (any smallish pasta will work)

After adding the kale, stir for a bit to evenly coat. Slowly add the rest of the veggies and 1/3 of the pasta (or whatever amount fits into your medium sized sauce pan with space to stir)

I only added 1/3 of the pasta, b/c it's going to sit in the fridge for a day and I didn't want the pasta to soak up all the water.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


Here are some photoshop creations:

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

An introduction

Here is a preview of my art work. I have moved away from photography recently, but will return with the next snowfall.


Found slide photo projected onto handmade paper.

B&W anti-war march collage

Glass necklace

Wrist Cuff


Anti-War March quilt panel.

Slide photo projected onto a vase.

This is my new blog.