Sunday, January 23, 2005

On a mermaid theme...

I try not to do kitschy (sp?) but I went with a mermaid theme for a co-worker. I really wanted to do a Sailor Jerry mermaid theme, but the necklace was for her sister that has small children. I even made a bag for it, but it was ruined when some hummus spilled on it. (the garlic smell just wouldn't come out!) Oh well.
It's a double sided necklace so that it could be possibly hung in her sunroom instead of worn. It's a bit thicker than I usually make them, but I used bits of sheet copper for great depth in the piece.

the necklace:
and the bag:

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  1. t.mayo9:34 AM

    I am in love with these microscope slide necklaces! I am a fellow jewelry maker (after I am done being a banker...) Will you share how-to with a gal from Minnesota (me, by the way)? That's a long way from Columbus.


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