Monday, February 28, 2005

Feb. updates

I was really busy this weekend, but only ended with 4 finished purses. :-(

Friday, February 18, 2005

Fruit and Veggies Swap!

So last night a rushed trip to the fabric store for some wire turned into a long adventure of me missing exits all around C-bus. But I ended up with some sweet fabric

I got a few shades of pink and a new cutter, so I can (finally) start on the quilt. yay!

I also got my "fruits and veggies" swap stuff in the mail! The theme was 5 servings a day, so you had to make 5 items with fruits/veggies for your swap partner. Here's what I recieved:

I got a notepad, various felt magnets, earrings, a pear pin (the sequins didn't make it thru the mail) and my favorite, a necklace!:

Here's what I made for my swap:

I made a grapefruit purse, a lemon patch, 5 1.25" pins, a glass bauble charm and cuff. I found great images for the baubles, the charm is a vintage add for lettuce, and the cuff is a woman from about the 70's bobbing for apples! They're great!

and the pins:

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Workin' hard

This evening I soldered a good deal of new microscope-slide necklaces and finished up various TakeWrning Orders.
My work station:

Here are some of the cuffs that I had made earlier:

The image on the left is from graffiti I found in Pittsburgh and the image on the right is of a rhinestone pin:

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Grapefruit, Complete with a Spoon!

Yay! I finished 2 new bags tonight! It's a grapefruit complete with a spoon to eat it with! Like this one:

I made another one in a smaller, cuter style, but the camera died. Oh well.

So in Pittsburgh, even though the shopkeepers decided that posted hours do not mean actual hours kept, I got some great plates for jewelry creations.

Various Floral Patterns

Hoopla Traders in DC asked me to design an Asian line exclusively for their shop, so although these were a bit pricey, hopefully it'll work out.

These Vacation Themed ones are my absolute favorite! I'm not sure how they'll look as 'fine jewelry', but I can't get enough of them.