Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A gift

It was my friends birthday recently, so here's what I sent her:
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A plate necklace, a stretchy bracelet out of these realyl great yellow stone beads from the local bead shop and oyster shells from China, a stretchy ring with the great yellow stone and smaller pink stones, a Marylin tote and a Baubble necklace with a photo of the woman who played Dorthy on the Wizard of Oz. A super-yummy smelling cream stick (think orange creamsicle) and chapstick from the wonderful Cbus based Green Girl Basics, and a beautiful card that my friend Emily (that I tabled with at Comfest) made (soon to be found at umbrellagirlproductions.com) I felt like it was an insufficient gift (mainly b/c it took me a month to actually mail it out :-( ) So I'm trying to think of something else to make her.
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