Tuesday, June 27, 2006

15027 Summers

Growing up (until 8th grade) in Conway, PA led to hot, sweaty nights of catching lightening bugs in the yard next door with family and as I got older more mischevious ongoings "across the highway" from our home. We lived less than a mile uphill from the rail yards and the sounds of trains provided the background soundtrack to our lives. Friends who would sleep over from "the country" would complain of being unable to sleep because of the noise. It's probably why I can't fall asleep in total silence now without being completely exhausted. Why when I lived in Bloomfield I would sleep in the living room so that I could here all the traffic on Ella Street.
Walking down Foote St. onn Friday I was reminded of the summer sounds, and here they are. Might have to turn it up a bit.

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  1. Anonymous5:25 AM

    so everyonce in awhile i look you up it's fun to see how your life is going when i read this it almost makes me cry. cause i still can't sleep thru the night because i don't here those confounded trains banging into each other all night. it's nice to be nostalgic. hope your life is great. jcf


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