Monday, July 10, 2006

BLC/JMS's baby party

BLC/JMS's baby party
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Bridget and Jeremy are havin' a baby. Pretty crazy to have people gettin' married and others producing spawns. On my agenda? Well, about 4 of the last 6 guys I've hung out with have been seriously involved in other relationships. Whatev.
It was nice to see BLC/JMS and a bunch of others, like Josh, Mike V, Ryan and finally meet Peppy. (although I missed the S Iz Ilent) Bridget kicked us out at 1 so I headed to Oakland to see Chauch. Caleb was there too and it was nice to catch up with those boys.
Sunday morning I headed to the Quiet Storm to meet up with Andy which is always a great treat- esp. when he has an amazing piece of art to give to me! The tofu was pretty awesome too and I ran into dentista extrondaire Dr. Callen playing pinball.
Rolled back into Cbus tried to track down the Food Not Bombs kids but couldn't catch them so I headed to the North Market to see Jillian! MoJoe Lounge then Bodega. Phone calls until 1 am. Up at 5:30 for work. Ahhh to be back in Arawak City


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