Wednesday, July 12, 2006


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Not to pat myself on the back that much, but I think that I have a pretty sweet collection of found/free art with good stories attached.
There's the painting of the baby and breast that scares people that I found behind the Friendship house next to a sterotypical suitcase full of gags (squirting flower, glasses w/ nose & moustache, etc) and pictures of the previous tenants (who had obviously broken up), which I hung up in our house too.
There's the Chairman Mao authentic piece of propoganda from Shanghai which although paid for, was pulled out of a bottom cabinet in the store under all the regular souviners and when we unrolled them later, Chinese nationals were astonishly questioning where we got them. There's a better story of a painting that I didn't get, which almost ended in Craig being beaten up, so they go hand-in-hand now.
I had a pretty great oil painting of a pin-up girl with bunny ears on that was done on a cardboard box- which unfortunately I tossed in a mass cleaning a few weeks ago.
Then last night, my neighbor had this painting sitting out with all this stuff in the hallway, and I was drooling over it earlier in the evening and then later she let me have it! It's pretty awesome. She also gave me an 8x10 picture of sorts made out of hole-punched pieces. I think I'm gonna cut it up and turn it into a necklace. Whoo-hoo!


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