Thursday, July 13, 2006

Stress Snowballs and other dramatic tales

Punk Rawk Aerobics
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I'm usually pretty laid back, but once I start worrying about thing, my stress usually snowballs until I prettty much explode. I was pretty close last night.
I think it started with the SGirl the other night. I was an hour late for PR aerobics and ended up missing it all pretty much. Then Robbt was tampering with my internet connection, which has been down for about 2 months now, via the repair guy missing his apt. which is annoying. Then the monsoon came and I decided that I needed a waterproof bag, so after Robbt freaked about losing his wallet and found it, I went home and stiched some vinyl to my old messenger-wanna-be bag. This bag caused me much back/chest pain all through school, I'm not sure why I even still have it...
So then I would have been able to make it to work the next day without my climbing gear getting wet, but alas I ended up sleeping in. That night I frustratingly couldn't repair my bike and that stress carried through to last night. After almost throwing my bike and crying three times, the boy with the broken collar bone muscled through it and cranked my pedal on. yiyiyi I was still kinda a mess when I left so I couldn't even thank him properly. ugh
Plus, I've been doing a good deal of dietary research lately (like Paleo,,gluten free, Candia, Vegan, Slow Food (via Maria's folks)). And one startling occurance is the link between gluten and autism. I always knew that gluten was gross, but sheesh!
Then this morning I had my first "performance view" at work. It went much better than ever anticipated.. maybe I'll beat my bro at becoming the first Dr. Lehocky...


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