Tuesday, July 11, 2006

When you google my name, only 2 pages come up!

So it seems that I'm not going to be traveling as much as I had been told for work and a few opportunities have been presented to me so I'm thinking about trying to show some works again.
I dug through photos when I was at home this weekend, and remembered how much I like my Slide Photos and then looking through my boxes here, realizing how many of them are still framed. But I feel like they have no meaning. I've been thinking about doing a new series, but haven't been that motivated with a deeper meaning. The best I could come up with was the transformation of my body since moving to Cbus with dealing with stuff differently with the introduction of a cube job/fast food/car culture/mass consumption. But I'm also not thrilled about using myself again.
Ideally, I'd like to do more of the textile/quilted stuff like the quilt that I made for Nathan during the POG/Anti-war days. But not protest stuff, more along the lines of what people to in their everyday lives. I'm more into stuff that can actually be used (like quilts) from materials that I've found or already have. Kinda like the linocuts that I'm been doing, but not as shotty. I think this would be an even tougher gallery sell than the photos, but we'll see what actually materializes and how focused I can become...


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