Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The tyranny of framing our attention

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I've felt pretty lost lately. Given up a few things, still can't get to those I that I want to. The politics of being political, changing political views, shops closing, stuff selling, can't get the website up, bored at work, not travelling so much, back to climbing
But I have had a new sense of finding inspiration. I feel like I've just been absorbing and absorbing and soon I'm going to burst b/c the absorption is making the wheels turn even harder. I can't even fall asleep.
Like this- Julie Blackmon. Those photos were so creatively amazing and moving, I think it's the first time I've ever wanted a family. sheesh

I wish I was in Seattle this weekend

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There's some type of music/art fest going on, but this show (Softly Threatening: Artwork of the Modern Domestic) looks like something that I need to see.
Among other things would be Blondie, A Tribe Called Quest, Deerhoof, Mates of State, and of course the Indie Market. But a plane trip and Steve Miller prevent me from going

Thursday nite in Pgh

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Saw Monica, sad to see the store closing, but she seemed ready to move on.
Having recently moved to a suburb of Pgh from Erie, I got to catch up with Sarah and Nick. I had seen them a few times over the last couple of years, but it was the first time to actually catch up. Also got to see Lacy, Tait, Joey Melba & Nikki, Andybot, and Brad. (who has the bike that I want in his extensive collection). It was nice to ramble on with him about wanting to go back to engineering grad school for the learning, not the testing, but not wanting to give up our respective jobs But he did inspire me to trek back to Pgh Halloween weekend to ride in the Alleycat.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Things I wouldn't mind having

August 2006 003
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I had to venture to the mall for a new dress yesterday and it has kicked off a horrible flood of wanting. So in lieu of something to say, things I wouldn't mind having:
Pretty Patty Shirt, new Tarina bracelet, Susan Kerrring, Diamond Ring, ice axes (they're even on sale!) mountain bike (also on sale!), Grainbag collage, Vegan stuffed shells, and while at the Post Punk Kitchen, might as well make the best cupcakes ever, Jill Bliss necklace, kitty, calendar, books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and the drawing ability and general superfunness of Christy Road

August 2006 021

August 2006 021
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Friday, August 18, 2006

Paul Baribeau Show

Paul Baribeau Show
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Sewed a bit, went to Skylab. Left before Defiance, OH played, but it was alright, the first act was great.

To say that you are cute
would be like saying a strawberry is sweet
because a strawberry has secret flavors
that are sharp, and tart, and red and deep


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the revolution is lost by the idle revolters

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Frustration. Back talking. Steps directly backwards. Unorganization. Nonconsensus. Loudness. Breathe....Calm... okay
Get this: Takewrning.com is slowly coming back. When looking for links to put on there, I stumbled across my name mentioned in Pistil Mag's interview with Betsy Greer. It seriously couldn't have come at a better time.
Onward with the shameless selfpromotion
"When asked her favorite displays of craftivism, Greer responded: “Personally, I am still in awe of Patrice Lehocky’s quilts and Fundacion Solidaridad’s patchwork. They are both proof that resistance can be shown via craft [and] allow the viewer to take in the severity of the situation as well as the need to act.” These projects and others prove that crafting is more than just a passing hipster trend the Urban Outfitters–soaked consumer media would have us believe. It is a way of actively taking part in a very real, palpable way and a necessary step in the activist world. Through craftivism one person—or many—can make a difference, stitch by stitch."
Although most likely backdated, it was an amazing coincidence to find it this morning. It brought a little smile to my face, mainly in the fact that things always manage to have little unexpected twists.

(Wit's End) (I'lm gonna start linking my subject lines)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A little bit of cleaning goes a longgg way

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So I've slowly been going through these boxes in my place. I like to glamorously think of them being similar to Warhol's Timecapsules. But in reality, they just hold trash and leak such as his did. I found some great treasures including much jewelry, some bills, old digital camera with CF card, which fits into the digital pic frame that my bro got me. I also found a few rolls of film, and one of them was slides, so I couldn't send it out to Clark. Quick turn around was nice though, and it reveiled images from my grandmother's house when she passed away two summers ago. 4 of the best photos I've ever taken were from when she was in the hospital, but those are even too personal for me to look at most of the time, so these are nice to have of the everyday objects around her house. I shot a few rolls of regular film and digitals at that time, but it was a pleasant suprise to see these today. There were a few others from who knows where, but NDS was abrupt with me and wouldn't help me install the Flickr Uploader so those will have to wait for another day.

Monday, August 14, 2006

FnB Patches and other Sunday Adventures

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Cbus's lovely FnB now has patches! My favorite prints are the ones on the beige and pink floral cotton. It just feels very mid-western.
Enjoying the efforts
kisses are cute
Ryan + Fire
Cleveland Represent
Chip Attack

Messenger Bag

Messenger Bag
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(this post should have been about a week ago, but bear with me...)
I finally finished my messenger bag. I tried to create the entire bag from a various patterns on the internet, but when it came down to it, I wasn't happy with the patterns and had very little faith in my machine actually being able to stitch it. So I got a Chrome bag and stitched with an image from The Hardest Question Ever
You don't turn 25 every day
Tom always has the most amusing stories to tell
Mike and my dad
They even brought their dog to Cbus
Pops and Chauch

Sunday, August 13, 2006


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After a week of compressor fitting and the allergist systematically eliminating everything that I eat from my diet, Saturday was spent reading instead of bike co-oping. But then I found a great book at B&N then the Mad Mex was on and my mood quickly improved. A quick stop at Skylab proved as hot and humid as expected but some nice screen prints and dance rock. Also ran into Hristina, which is always lovely. Gil Mantera was less crowded and much less drunk than usual. Tummy was hurting much more than usual. Late night blog surfing resulted with Posie gets Cozy. So cute

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Monica's Divas

Monica's Divas
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I'm sad, Monica's in the South Side of Pittsburgh is closing. Not a total suprise with the shop practices and the loss of business to the sprawl mall development over the last year, but I'm still heart broken. Especially since I had been working hard on stuff to take to her when I'm back in Pgh at the end of the month. :-(

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Well I'm lost, I'm afraid, Rope tied down to a leaky boat

Justin Bike Linocut
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It's a sad day. I can't find the SD card for my camera. I have no idea where this would be. :-( So pics will continue to come from my phone.
My week's been pretty busy thus far. 2 new linocuts (the other is a pretty sweet FnB one), finished my messenger bag and first aid bags, made someone a painted bottle, been plotting a going away present for someone else, been taking mass amounts of film pictures, workin' to rebuild the Takewrning website, am gonna screen print labels this evening, been house hunting, turned 25, been studying up on enviro. chem and air sparging plus sewing machine maintance and pattern buiilding. Thinking about taking the GRE, Cbus's alternative space, found a great table, started climbing again. Add a dash of board games, star gazing, SGirl and Bodega. Was supposed to brew beer, but haven't made it there yet. There hasn't been much sleep involved, and as a result last night the horribly violent caffeine-induced dreams like I struggled with all through college made a comeback. It was worth it though.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dairy is the New Artform

Dairy Explosion
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So in the Nelsonville trail parking lot on Wednesday there was a gallon of milk on the ground. It was about half full, and there was definite separation occuring in the 100 degree heat.
When checked on on Friday, the milk had turned into a Dairy Explosion!
Will Dairy be the new art form? Like Warhol's Urine paintings. My absolute detest for milk and ice cream creates a better shock value for me with the milk art though. I can't look at it with out my stomach doing a flip and a wave of nausea hitting me. But I can't stop looking.


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Indianapolis for 3 days, South Bend for 4, Cbus for 2, Hocking for 4, finally home but still running. The four days in Hocking were amazing and ridiculous at the same time. Mojitios in the hot tub. Movies in HD. Easy ride from Nelsonville to Athens. Reclamation of ounces of sanity.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Present for Matt

Present for Matt
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I got to see my college friend Matt this week when I was in Athens which is always a treat! I made a special bottle for him, bottle from the woods in South Bend, IN.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

bike coop

bike coop
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We were only on the road for 7 days, but it felt like an eternity. I was really homesick for Cbus, and we were working 12-14 hours days in the blazing sun. It affected the other two much more as I am a hydration machine, but one of the perks of traveling is the night life that you get to enjoy. But this time is was a chore just to go back out into the heat, and microbrew beer just wasn't flowing as it had.
Plus, I felt like I became totally disconnected from the world in that short span. Especially in Indianapolis. We always stay in Marriott's and this one didn't have WiFi, nor a manager's card on the desk (which would have had an address on it) It was like I could have been anywhere and it didn't matter at all. We got back late Sunday, I didn't sleep, so I crash last night from 7-midnight and stayed up to clean my apt then wait for the TimeWarner guy to come. Now it's noon and I'm just getting into work. Probably not healthy.
But I'm headed to Hocking Hills this evening until Friday when my parents roll into town. Just keep movin'...