Tuesday, August 01, 2006

bike coop

bike coop
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We were only on the road for 7 days, but it felt like an eternity. I was really homesick for Cbus, and we were working 12-14 hours days in the blazing sun. It affected the other two much more as I am a hydration machine, but one of the perks of traveling is the night life that you get to enjoy. But this time is was a chore just to go back out into the heat, and microbrew beer just wasn't flowing as it had.
Plus, I felt like I became totally disconnected from the world in that short span. Especially in Indianapolis. We always stay in Marriott's and this one didn't have WiFi, nor a manager's card on the desk (which would have had an address on it) It was like I could have been anywhere and it didn't matter at all. We got back late Sunday, I didn't sleep, so I crash last night from 7-midnight and stayed up to clean my apt then wait for the TimeWarner guy to come. Now it's noon and I'm just getting into work. Probably not healthy.
But I'm headed to Hocking Hills this evening until Friday when my parents roll into town. Just keep movin'...


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