Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A little bit of cleaning goes a longgg way

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So I've slowly been going through these boxes in my place. I like to glamorously think of them being similar to Warhol's Timecapsules. But in reality, they just hold trash and leak such as his did. I found some great treasures including much jewelry, some bills, old digital camera with CF card, which fits into the digital pic frame that my bro got me. I also found a few rolls of film, and one of them was slides, so I couldn't send it out to Clark. Quick turn around was nice though, and it reveiled images from my grandmother's house when she passed away two summers ago. 4 of the best photos I've ever taken were from when she was in the hospital, but those are even too personal for me to look at most of the time, so these are nice to have of the everyday objects around her house. I shot a few rolls of regular film and digitals at that time, but it was a pleasant suprise to see these today. There were a few others from who knows where, but NDS was abrupt with me and wouldn't help me install the Flickr Uploader so those will have to wait for another day.


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