Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Well I'm lost, I'm afraid, Rope tied down to a leaky boat

Justin Bike Linocut
Originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.
It's a sad day. I can't find the SD card for my camera. I have no idea where this would be. :-( So pics will continue to come from my phone.
My week's been pretty busy thus far. 2 new linocuts (the other is a pretty sweet FnB one), finished my messenger bag and first aid bags, made someone a painted bottle, been plotting a going away present for someone else, been taking mass amounts of film pictures, workin' to rebuild the Takewrning website, am gonna screen print labels this evening, been house hunting, turned 25, been studying up on enviro. chem and air sparging plus sewing machine maintance and pattern buiilding. Thinking about taking the GRE, Cbus's alternative space, found a great table, started climbing again. Add a dash of board games, star gazing, SGirl and Bodega. Was supposed to brew beer, but haven't made it there yet. There hasn't been much sleep involved, and as a result last night the horribly violent caffeine-induced dreams like I struggled with all through college made a comeback. It was worth it though.


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