Thursday, September 28, 2006

Street Space

On one of the first cool weekend nights in Sept, something amazing happened in downtown Cbus. Street Space Art, an "Urban art and music festival" went down. It was a great display of some of my favorite artists, including Klutch and Buff Monster. Plus the Lab Rats and Brainbow played and were great. Some gender politics from this poster(although really hot) issues made me refrain from buying a Buff Monster piece, I still kinda wish that I had...
Then it was onto the Chop Chop Gallery. this piece by Chad Gordon was to die for. There were a lot of stenciled records that I was very unimpressed by (I mean come on, even I had made a million stencil records by 2004, and turned them into purses (like this broken one) (but man, on a similar note, I absolutely loved this bag), but JG and I was hoping to suprise him and get him one with some robot on it, but Justin snagged it before the night was out. I was very sad.

Critical Mass!

Critical Mass. Friday.
I think I'll be in town. yay!


There were fireworks when Basak left the states, and my lazyiness to develop film results in viewing them just before she returns!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Handmade Arcade!

I made it into the Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh on November 11th. Yay!
Time to start sewing/break out the Dremel/turn on the soldering gun.

Last week I was in South Bend working on this. Taking out the old electrical system and compressor for an Soil Vapor Extraction system I'm working on. Not much happening in South Bend. A great coffee shop, some mountain bike trails, but I was having issues with my new bike so I wasn't able to go at them. Next week though...

Whizzer painting

The 17th was my Dad's birthday, so I made him a little painting from a pic of his bike that I had taken. Of course I was late getting it out the door, but it eventually made it to him, and even before the end of the month!

Lil Homies

Lil' Homies are a pretty great thing to collect. Although I no longer have a collection, I picked up this one when I was in New Jersey. (Background courtesy of the new Priestess record.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Broken Plate Necklaces

I was going through my inventory lately, and realized that I really like making the broken plate necklaces. I love the hunt of finding the glass (street, dumpsters, work sites, backyards, Goodwills, yardsales, old homes, etc). Then the physical process of creating them. The grinding of the plates via diamond wheel, the way the glass turnes red with heat and the adrenaline of the general unsafeness of my techniques (sparks flying all around me- which there is usually much clutter and fabric on the floor, no smoke detector, occassional glass breakage and being flung into the air, the glass always burning me, etc). The soldering is always interesting to figure out what flow temp works best, then it's nice to play with fancy findings, like great czech glass, sterling silver, and yarn from Robbt's mom's farm. yay!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

All it's gonna do is rain

JG & PL bikes in Athens
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Dreary, rainy, chilly days chock full of work stress, forgotten wallet, product failure (new food processor), stupidity (new bike is too small), lost MP3 cable, intense eye pain, personal laptop problems and no new emails try and bring me down. But things like memories of sweaty bike rides, PBR, smooches and picture taking bring me to the positive side.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Queen Anne's Lace in Hocking

There's just something about Queen Anne's Lace that gets me everytime. It's probably one of my favorite things to photograph.
Growing up, I remember walks with my Aunt and her dog along the river in Industry, PA. My aunt could/would identify all the flora, but for some reason this is the only one that has stuck with me. Probably b/c you can usually find tiny aunts on them too. =
This pic is from a jaunt to Hocking in August.

New Necklaces!

I've been working on a new series of necklaces. The main components are 'gold' earrings that Monica gave me from her store closing. I made a light pink and blue one with complementary cuff and earrings for a wedding a few weeks ago that I simply adore. Be on the lookout for more to come soon!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bring forth the mollusk cast unto me

Things keep on closin'...
So the Grainbag Gallery that used to sell my photos has now closed as he just runs his personal blog off of the site. Not a total suprise as Mike had relatively recently moved from Pgh to Philly and seems to be super busy with personal projects, and not totally disappointing to me either as I've given up fine art photos but still a change none-the-less. His gallery, along with the Magazino mag were some of the art-type stuff that I was ever involved in, circa 1999ish. And he opened my world to Ween (the Grainbag name is from a Ween song)

Bring forth the mollusk cast unto me
Let's be forever let forever be free

Always something makes me think

Praying Mantis
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I spent last week in NJ. I had been to Ocean City, NJ in college and at this site for one day before, so basically it was my first time in Jersey. Work was mentally taxing, but we ate great Indian food in Morristown. One day while dumping our toxic water into the woods, AM stumbled upon 3 Praying Mantises, which was thrilling.

More importantly was my night in Hoboken. My teen years were spent fantasizing about hanging out in Hoboken or Berkely at Gilman Street, and I would have been alright to leave that city as an idealistic dream of my youth. Our boss, whom would more likely listen to other Jersey products such as Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, the Boss,etc. Took us to a chauch bar to watch the OSU football game. My visions of dirty basements, freshly copied zines, Agnostic Front backpatches, people who hung out with the Misfits, kids just off of hopped trains and crunchy mohawks was quickly replaced by the reality of cologne and low cut flowing shirts. Luckily the night ended seeing Priestess, whom have a really great photo on the inside of their new record.

Before we went out though, there was a good bed-jumping session to Hoboken, NJ by Op Ivy
Flashesof you were everywhere
Hoboken new jersey
I'm in this prison built for you
In this situation I don't know what to do
Always something makes me think
Things dont have to be so wrong
You put up walls with nothing spoken
In your weakness you're so strong

Hoboken, NJ

The Grass is Greener

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So this is one of my favorite pics from the summer. Courtesy of the Bike Co-op benefit at Skylab. (& Kevin for letting me borrow his macro lens). Art was shown (including really nice/fun screen prints), bands played and performance art was... performed. This is the cute-as-a-button Sara Asher milling around the 4th floor after a performance piece.

Who mistook this crap for genius?/ who is dancing on the ceiling?

Goody Boy Parking Lot
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The Goody Boy parking lot never fails to entertain me. When I first moved to Cbus, I was terrified of it, making climbing partners help me schelp my gear up the 3 flights at midnight Sunday nights before taking them home, stealing stuff out of my car twice, smashing John's window- stealing travel Scrabble and a photo album but leaving the thousand dollars worth of climbing gear in the back. Then it gradually improved to just people ocassionally asking for money and drinking 40s at 6 am, screaming fights as a result of Ladies 80s, and sneak outta work early soccer sessions.
But lately, the Goody Boy's been fixing itself up I no longer am witness to people urinating behind the building, just making out. I can even take out my trash after dark! But every once in a while there's a stellar find. Like this car with the horse attached to the hood. There were also bumper stickers to the effect of "At least I can still smoke in my car" and scraps of shag carpeting in the back. yes!

crap or genius

why do you think we want you in our crew

Tracer Office Pinball
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-Begin the barrage of backdated posts-
So last week before I left Scott moved to Milwakee. Cbus friend number 2,304 movin' on. No more random bike ride invites or lllooonnnggg, lenghty tangent filled conversations. But the reason I've been needing to visit Wisconsin.

in our crew

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I like to ride my bicycle

justin-bike Linocut
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Here's a linocut from a picture of Justin with his bike from the June Critical Mass. This is especially important as his bike has stolen since then. Kind of a memorial linocut.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Bike Tire Cuff

Bike Tire Cuff
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Litte rubber squares from old bike tire innertubes. More to come soon...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Keikichi Honna at Surly Girl Gallery

So Thursday night the lovely Emily of Umbrella Girl. amazingly curated a show above the Surly Girl by Keikichi Honna. It was based on misplaced patriotism and "over thirty paintings that repeat a message of eastern influence, asian flowers painted in western color schemes."

the rotting corpse of former business

So this week I was in Albany. Formal industrial site. Barnsider . Daily Grind. The chill in the air made me yearn for Ice Climbing or here