Monday, September 11, 2006

Always something makes me think

Praying Mantis
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I spent last week in NJ. I had been to Ocean City, NJ in college and at this site for one day before, so basically it was my first time in Jersey. Work was mentally taxing, but we ate great Indian food in Morristown. One day while dumping our toxic water into the woods, AM stumbled upon 3 Praying Mantises, which was thrilling.

More importantly was my night in Hoboken. My teen years were spent fantasizing about hanging out in Hoboken or Berkely at Gilman Street, and I would have been alright to leave that city as an idealistic dream of my youth. Our boss, whom would more likely listen to other Jersey products such as Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, the Boss,etc. Took us to a chauch bar to watch the OSU football game. My visions of dirty basements, freshly copied zines, Agnostic Front backpatches, people who hung out with the Misfits, kids just off of hopped trains and crunchy mohawks was quickly replaced by the reality of cologne and low cut flowing shirts. Luckily the night ended seeing Priestess, whom have a really great photo on the inside of their new record.

Before we went out though, there was a good bed-jumping session to Hoboken, NJ by Op Ivy
Flashesof you were everywhere
Hoboken new jersey
I'm in this prison built for you
In this situation I don't know what to do
Always something makes me think
Things dont have to be so wrong
You put up walls with nothing spoken
In your weakness you're so strong

Hoboken, NJ

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  1. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Hoboken has turned trendy (and expensive). The fate of nearly everything now. It annoys me because I don't want things to deteoriate into a crumbling hulking mess but I don't them turned into playground for the consumeristic seen and be seen either. How does one conduct urban renewal but manage to keep the rich condo-dwellers with all their "upscale" dilusions away?


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