Thursday, September 28, 2006

Street Space

On one of the first cool weekend nights in Sept, something amazing happened in downtown Cbus. Street Space Art, an "Urban art and music festival" went down. It was a great display of some of my favorite artists, including Klutch and Buff Monster. Plus the Lab Rats and Brainbow played and were great. Some gender politics from this poster(although really hot) issues made me refrain from buying a Buff Monster piece, I still kinda wish that I had...
Then it was onto the Chop Chop Gallery. this piece by Chad Gordon was to die for. There were a lot of stenciled records that I was very unimpressed by (I mean come on, even I had made a million stencil records by 2004, and turned them into purses (like this broken one) (but man, on a similar note, I absolutely loved this bag), but JG and I was hoping to suprise him and get him one with some robot on it, but Justin snagged it before the night was out. I was very sad.


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