Monday, October 09, 2006

Chauch turns 21!

Not that the legality of being 21 has ever been an issue in the Lehocky household, (or the Belus's) I figure it's as good of time as any to do a little photo post on Craig. Due to the ease of the situation, he's been a staple photographic model for me. Not that he chooses this, but gives in, and usually makes faces like this.
So the are the sports photos. Soccer, Soccer close up, , Hockey, Slackline.
He's definitely my favorite travel partner, (probably has something to do with similar funding sources) We starved in Shanghai, then ate aloe, pretty much ran the Great Wall, rode bikes through Beijing. I almost lost him during a River crossing in Yosemite, biked with him through Montery and SF after we graduated. Probably should have left him in Alcatraz. We made the best of Cancun. Same for Orange County, but we logged alot of driving time outta there.
Canada is always good, especially when Deet is involved.
I've reaped good benefits from his modeling abilities (here and here) and from the AWOL years (here too) which led to the ISYB era. And also led to the only Xmas eve that the Lehocky's have ever gone to church for.
With the loudest squeal over blood I've ever heard from someone who wants to study medicine.
Okay, that's enough for my Chauch tribute.


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