Thursday, November 30, 2006

New at Wholly Craft!

I gave the Great Olivia a good deal of stuff last week, and hope to give her more necklaces and rings to sell at Wholly Craft! They have a bunch of stuff going on in December, so check out the listings. Not only can you purchase some amazing stuff from indie crafters near and far, some sweet ladies like Emily will help you to make holiday cards and the whatnot. Check it out!

SB before, NY now...

So I’ve finished my tenure in South Bend (ugh, still need to pay that speeding ticket though!) and have moved on to NY. But here’s what happened there. Compressor (pic 1) pushes air through the sparge legs (pic 2) into wells 45’ deep in the ground. The Soil Vapor Extraction legs (pic 3) suck pull a vacuum on the soil and suck air out. Sometimes you get water and it goes into a tank (pic 4) and the air gets vented up to the atmoshpere and bam! Cleaner groundwater/soil.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pink Party!

With the last break of good weather, I decided to redo my rack. It’s pretty old so it was in pretty rough shape. I sanded it out a bit and turned it pink! It was a trading spaces style makeover on the Surly (i.e. swapped out the stem with one that I already has, rewrapped the bars and painted the rack and H2O bottle shottily with paint that wasn’t totally meant to go with the primmer- but damn it looks good!) JG and I then headed to Nelsonville to ride the 14 miles to Athens, stuff ourselves at Casa on burritos and beer and ride back. It felt less like a torture bike and more like a party machine. Whoo-hoo!

This is what I want...

Since the Google Wishlist keeps dying, here's my Holiday list:
Hot pink bar tape. Hot pink cranks that don't chip.
Hello Kitty Tamagotchi (not sure where to get this, but here are the instructions.
Living Downstream
Amy Sedaris book and matching pouch
Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers
Radical Simplicity
Cradle to Cradle
Dumping in Dixie
Environmental Justice and Environmentalism
Things that I can always use but would be nice if someone else bought them:
Sewing machine needles
Vitamin E Oil
Rechargable Batteries
Nice pair of tweezers
Rotary Cutter blades
Tarina Tarantino jewelry
Digital back for my Pentax
Plane ticket. Or just a traveling buddy. Anywhere outside the midwest. Throw the dart, I'll tag along.

Pretty in Pink no more...

Although my weekend was amazing, it was kinda sad for me too. I took advantage of the nice weather to deconstruct my bike so that I can strip the frame. I had a pretty amazing idea of how I was going to rebuild it (think hot pink and teal), but I’m struggling to find hot pink bar tape and don’t know what to do about my cranks. There were many reasons for the deconstruction (needed repainted, powder coating on cranks was horribly chipping away, chrome is super pitted, back wheel is unnecessarily black, wreck ripped the bar tape, airplane losts it’s propeller, seat cover isn’t working out) but it still feels like I lost a child.

Flowers and more flowers

My newfound love for screen printing resulted in a crazy amount of printing the Monday before Thanksgiving. Although I wasn’t totally happy with my images (or course I was rushed in my selection) I’m still pleased. And I just love the process of physically printing them, so the images could have almost been anything. I manly printed scarves, but I continued to print some patch-type ones, like seen here. And now for sale at Wholly Craft.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Home for the Holidays

It's good to be home for a few days.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'll stop after this, I promise

PS, I'm glad I didn't sell this bag. I love it and have been rocking it since.
The innertube wing-motion-lines just seal the deal for me.

Handmade Arcade Trade

Squirrel in South Bend:
Over the next few weeks, I'll slowly post about the amazing items I acquired at the HA
First up is the amazing squirrel print from Ms. Mary Mack I wish I could have traded early on when she still had stuffed/cloth ones, but the paper one seems to travel well.

Handmade Arcade Wrap up

So then the doors opened. The inital crowd was different than expected. The husband-dragging-wives in LLBean gear, the moms just stopping by after the craziness that is Whole Foods on a Saturday, etc. We were in the first aisle and it was impossible to move for about the first two hours, but no one was really interested in everything. It was even overheard the organizers commenting on how everyone was leaving without bags in their hands. After a bit, the crowd thined out and sales started increasing. I was a bit sad by my goods. I really thought that I had hit it with the new bags. They are better constructed and more interesting than previous, but there weren't that many squeals for them. I dunno, maybe I'm just spoiled. I sold most of them, but no one seemed totally in love with them. In fact, people bought most of the older stuff, like:

People were especially into the plate necklaces. I kinda felt like everyone was doing those now, but it came down to only one other booth had them, and they were just pendants, not whole necklaces.
And, I didn't see a lot of people that I expected to see- Chris from Moxie Dada, Monica from Diva's, Nish, Jill from the Quiet Storm, Andybot, Emma, Like Summer, Etta, Aunt Nancy, Favian, Dave, Alexis, Michael, James, Spat, Nikki, etc.

It was really nice to see Stewie, Katie, Mrs. Like Summer/Hot Dogma, Von, and of course Little Mouse/Dr. Callen
And it was fun to have Olivia, Seth and Emily stay at my parents house. It was a slumber party complete with a baby keg, chips, ginger ale and cookies!

PreHandmade Arcade Shenanigans

So I was hoping to finish up everything for HA Thursday evening before we left for Pittsburgh, but I got sick on the way home from South Bend Wednesday night and pretty much laid in bed until we left. So Friday was crunch time. Let me tell you, JG cuts tiny threads like a champ. I had family in from CA so we hit the Harp and Fiddle for fried pickles, The Church for lotsa beer then Mad Mex for a way-too-late dinner. Needless to say, we did not tag and price everything before passing out. The drive into the city in the morning was a bit rough too, but the HA was really well organized, so set up was easy. There was a bit of a design flaw in the height of my purse stand, but I was feeling pretty good about the new purses:

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Isha and Zetta

Handmade Arcade updates to come. Enjoy this for now.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

If you're in Pgh tonight...

Go see Isha and Zetta. Spin's called them riot grrl cutie pies, so you probably shouldn't miss this.

Friday, November 03, 2006