Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pretty in Pink no more...

Although my weekend was amazing, it was kinda sad for me too. I took advantage of the nice weather to deconstruct my bike so that I can strip the frame. I had a pretty amazing idea of how I was going to rebuild it (think hot pink and teal), but I’m struggling to find hot pink bar tape and don’t know what to do about my cranks. There were many reasons for the deconstruction (needed repainted, powder coating on cranks was horribly chipping away, chrome is super pitted, back wheel is unnecessarily black, wreck ripped the bar tape, airplane losts it’s propeller, seat cover isn’t working out) but it still feels like I lost a child.


  1. this is random but i saw a comment on bike pirates and i was wondering where you got the pink crankset?


  2. I had it powder coated for $15. It was a crappy job and chipped off really easily. :-(


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