Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Baby Gift Stress!

So alot of baby stuff has been around me lately. On Monday night I got to see the room that a friend has been working on for their forth-coming kid. It was a total suburban pedestrian room, done out with cute animals and the whatnot. I think I was a bit sad b/c she's the only close lady friend in Columbus and I want to buy her fun things like this, but they'd really appreciate things more like this My pick was from 1 girl 1 boy, vendors who were next to us at Handmade Arcade. I really wanted one of their shirts, but the largest size (they only had kids clothes) was in purple, and I don't really do purple. I only got to talk to Stacy of 1boy1girl for a brief second, but she was really cute and sweet, plus gave me some printing advice, especially encouraging since I'd be struggling with the linocut prints.
I feel like I should be tapping into this wave of baby indie craft stuff. I stumbled across this quilt yesterday, and it's awesome. It would be easy and super fun to make. Add a few actual pirates fighting, some blood, a well-know political struggle and it would be perfect for BLC/JMS.
Mainly I think that I had babies on the mind b/c I was struggling on a Xmas gift for my cousin's baby. They are hoity-doity lawyers that just moved back to Pgh from DC with their 1 yr old and are having Xmas eve at their house. So I was racking my brain on what to get/make them. I have a million cute baby ideas, but felt the pressure of their perfect lives. So today I decided that nothing that I could make would be good enough and I'm gonna play the ignorant card so I don't have to go to the mall. I let my mom buy them some William Sonoma cookie mixes or something. Bamm- stress relieved!


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