Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Etsy listings

More items were listed on my etsy site today, so take a look around. A few of the bike cuffs went up, finally.
I've been hesitant to put things on etsy and get my site going because I struggle with photographing everything. I can take a decent picture of a decaying cheese factory or a rusted-out bike rack (see below) but can't photograph my products. It's the line between digital and regular film that's hard for me to cross into. And the product pictures are so 'normal' and need to look professional, neither of which I am. So it was interesting today to get a complaint from an esty buyer that my bag was 'dingy' compared to the photo. Usually I get totally opposite feedback, so I refunded her money. She said that she'd buy something else to make up for it, but I can't deal with this type of drama, I take it to heart too much. I just want to make stuff and sell it. That's it. Someone else needs to handle these customer interactions for me. :-( Especially today, I haven't gotten out of bed yet except to fetch ginger cookies. Oh yeah, and to get ginger ale.


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