Friday, December 29, 2006

Holiday Recap 2- the 23rd

Column 1.
Wake Craig at noon, rush home to the Conway Lounge, mom was double fisted when we arrived.
Everyone was there.
Gathered my entourage and headed to the Belus's.
Bobbie was decked out in Steeler's Gear.
Most everyone was wasted by the time we got there.
Column 2
Bobbie, KT and I exchanged gifts.
Even FaFa was in from Harrisburg.
100 proof homemade Cherry Cordial.
Since I couldn't drink, I forced the boys to eat the most horrible rumballs ever.
Column 3
Drunk 'n' Dialing.
Brad shows off why his chest can't get tan.
This kid was in bad shape.
Amy was in bad shape telling Rush awful stories.
At least Mr. Chinchilla & I had time to bond.

I love this pic from the evening.


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