Friday, December 29, 2006

Holiday Recap 3- Xmas eve

We had to break the tradition of going to my Aunt's for Xmas Eve to go to the largest house I've ever been in owed by a 30yr. old. My cousin's and their newish baby had recently moved back to Pgh from DC. I was super nauseus when we got there (not from that, just from being sick recently) but Mom's bourbon slush quickly knocked me back into shape. Luckily the baby didn't bite anyone.
Column 2
Aunt Nancy was the proud recipient of a PLL scarf.
After that we went to another cousin's house and he gave me one of my grandfather's pipe fitting/valve guides from the 50s which was pretty awesome. I continued down the path of non-veganness and consumed many of my aunt's homemade panjoks (sp?- flat flat, thin 1x1 squares). Ohhhh soooo gooood.
Then we headed home to each open one gift. Mom got a bling-bling Westie ornament and I got a super-sweet gel seat. Fell asleep watching A Christmas Story and swear that I woke up in the same exact place. Perfect.


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