Friday, December 29, 2006

Holiday recap- Xmas Day

Made Craig get up at 11 to open gifts. Mom got a double diamond ring representing Craig and I. (perfect- blood diamonds= your children...) I got the pink bike tape that I thought was a lost cause but my parents found in a vintage bike warehouse in Butler. Amazing! Also got "Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers", "Cradle to Cradle" and "Living Down Stream." Since it was the year of literature, Dad and Craig got a bunch of hockey books and then the dog got his head stuck in a gift bag.
Column 2
We headed to Aunt Carol's for pomegranate liquor (and pomegranate martini's of course) and she was the proud new owner of a PLL bag.
Then it we headed home to prepare for everyone coming over. My mom had forgotten to pick up the catering the previous day, so it was a stressful rush to whip up some stuff (including mom's famous haluski), but in the end everyone else had brought so much stuff that we didn't even had table space for all the food. Craig, me, Kelly & Natalie took our annual photo infront of the tree, this yr including Nat's new husband Dan (also a barely practicing chemical engineer), and my hair was extra big this year.
Most left around midnight but Bobbie, Brad, Matt, Craig and I told stories until after 3. It was a perfect Xmas.


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