Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I ask myself, like any analysist would

Although I seem to drink more frequently in Columbus, it just seems to be more toxic in Pittsburgh. The shot of Slivovitz at first appeared to have brought me to my current state. But how can a liquor deemed "Croatian plum brandy bearing a flavor profile similar to that of Ronsonol lighter fluid" do that you may ask??? Well, actually probably just a coincidence as I wasn't feeling well on Friday, and the stomach stuff seems to come and go in 6/8 month waves. Maybe it just takes 6/8 months for my self control to totally dwindle down to nothing.... (most likely option)

It's pretty frustrating to be backed into this situation of not being able to go to work or any of the 8 million items on my task list. (Work reports, etsy stuff, xmas gifts, cleaning, climbing) I've just been dwindling in and out of sleep, catching up on My So Called Life, pondering a trip to the lovely OSU ER. Not sure why I'm so apprehensive about this place. Through undergrad I had been in various ERs that were way scarier/creepier/worse service than the OSU one, maybe I'm just sick of the Health Care system in general....
But alas, the day was not totally lost, decided to pass on the ER and headed to Dublin instead. I got to see the lovely Basak werkin' the coffee at Whole Foods and the bigger-bellied Bobbie and her & Sam's in-progress baby room. Plus, Bobbie had made Ruth and I cookies and fudge packaged in a holiday tin. Its so easy to forget about holiday things like cookie baking when not at my parents (not that my mom bakes Xmas cookies, but my parents both work in elementary schools so we get those benefits) and abseining from places like the mall.
Pulse Rate -Whatever it Takes

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  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Hi, Petie! Tis I, Joe (the good-looking one) from Ashland days. Hope you have a Merry Christmas! I miss our lively discussions (and the large pretzels) we had at Ash.

    Write back. js_downing@hotmail.com

    Joe D.


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