Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I really wanted to show some photos in Cbus next month, but the deadline is in two days and I gotta catch a plane. saddness.
Sin City here I come!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Arthur Hash

Arthur Hash. I loaded up on his stuff (the large white ring in the bottom pic and the guy-in-a-suit-with-a-mohawk) at the Velvet Da Vinci Gallery in San Fran

Recently I got the below ring off of Arthur's Etsy site. It's a little too clunky for even my liking, so I might make it into an amazing necklace.

I really love his work. You have to check out his site. I love the suttle humor in it all. He graciously included this too, which was really sweet:
Oh yeah, and I'll be in Sin City in 24 hours. Hell yeah!

Monday, March 26, 2007

im in the middle of a project on the breakthrough

I met Basak and other Whole Fooders at Ravari to see Valient Thorr. Hardcoreish Rock n Roll. It was alright. The same energy as a good hardcore show, but just much more musically talented and the singer had an awesome voice

They also had a suprisingly giant/nice tour bus for a band that gets like 20 'fans' out at Ravari.
But slamming pizza at 1:30, home at 2, up at 5:30 to bike my ass to work was a tad rough. It's supposed to be 80 today though and I'll be outta town and unable to ride for like two weeks. In other news, although I'm still sad about this bike no longer being as it was, the frame goes to the powder coater this week, although the decision was made to not try the crank arms again. I'm really sad. I loved those hot pink crank arms more than my own arms. It's absence has made me come to love the Surly more, although is still bothers my reconstructed-3 times-10 yrs ago knee. And it will be a sweet teal to complement the hot pink components and be a Saved By the Bell/Miami Vice esque vechile.

Weekend Edition

(note- new camera= image heavy posts until the novelty wears off)
So wine at "girlsnite" didn't make me totally lethargic like wine normally does, so I spent the wee hours of Fri night/Sat morning combing
the internet for a new frame and wheels
Amazing breakfast via JG then off to the ROYGBIV gallery
down the block to see some art, hear the creative ladies speak about their stuff.
And let me tell you, it was awesome.
First up was Melissa Vogley Woods doing fiber arts/quilts. It was similar to what I've been working on, but eight million times more interesting to look at.(above pic) She briefly talked about the history of quilts, and their social/economic/etc places in history. She talked about her inspiration and reasoning behind which block patterns she used and how she even incorporates them into telling stories through her paintings (pic 2). What I found it most facinating was her use of a section of a quilt cutting that she drew on (pic 3). I like the idea of taking a piece of something like that with a historic context and bringing it to be your own. (will comment more elaborately on this at a later post)

On the other half of the gallery were works by Lauren Scanlon. Walking in there, I had a feeling that she had moved around in the anarcho, diy, etc culture for a while. Her work wasn't political, and she didn't carry a presense, but then she said "I did anarcho puppet theater" and bam! I was right!
Her works were drawings and prints on various papers textures/woods/ceramic that were taped/glued/nailed/stitched together.

Her works reminded me of the prints of Mary Mac, Etta, Nathan and various others out of the 1877 community space in the early 00's, some of which I traded for still graces my walls today.
(and speaking of "anarcho", this boy was at the gallery:(he must have been 10- hehe) < src="">

So it was pretty nice to do that, and I would have like to stick around and wandering in the Short North a tad more, but JG and I headed to Athens to see my friend Matt and The Modey Lemon but then they were actually playing with 10 other indie rock bands, so we ditched that for Casa, Jackie O's, and darts at Matt's.
Sunday led to a 5 hr bike adventure to the office, South Indian Buffet (soooo awesome), Outdoor Source for webbing and a knife, Liberty books for mags, then procrastinating work/messing with new camera in JG's backyard.

(we may not have said more than 2 words to each other, but he still made for a cute subject)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Soup Sega!

If ever in Homestead, PA on a Saturday, go to the Bulgarian Macedonian National Educational and Cultural Center for Soup Sega!
and eat this:

They offer about 15 soups and other various items. (menu) It's kinda an updated version of church-lady pierogies. (cute details) The soups come frozen and I have to say that the Strandja Peasant Wheat was quite tasty. It had a light flavor and I added a lot of veggies to make it a complete meal. I added some soy milk Monday and Tuesday to stretch it through for work lunches and it was perfect! They've even been featured on QED's Pgh show.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patty's Day/Using dirty energy to make clean energy doesn't solve the problem

So I haven't quite mastered the new camera yet, but here are a few pics from the 'bar crawl.' The plan was a beer at every bar, ending at Patrick Js. It began with shots and beers at Jenn's house then the Green Demon shot (which tasted exactly like a peppermint patty- it was awesome) and a Rogue Hazelnut Ale at SG's, miller lites at Skullys then pitchers of green Miller lite at Lucky's, Stubs', Larry's, 4 Kegs, and I threw in the towel at Out or Inn.
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Things were smooth until the dude in the booth next to me in the last booth tried to debate ethanol and hydrogen as the answer oil. My views of "consume less' didn't work with him and he kept yelling "my car could go 200 miles on hydrogen" and when I asked him about how they get the Hydrogen he proceeded to say something along the line of "well you know water is oxygen with 6 electrons & hydrogens double bonded to it, and they just kinda pop off." They he brought up the welding with Water issue. First Law of Thermodynamics buddy. Water doesn't automatically cut things, and those Hydrogens can be removed by many methods (electrolysis, sound waves, etc) and in electrolysis, the amount of energy needed to be inputed to remove the Hs (which are NOT double bonded- they are covalently bonded and oxygen has 8 outer electrons, not 6) is the Gibbs free energy of the rxn plus the losses to the environment. It's not one-for-one chauch. And the cheapest electrolysis takes energy from fossil fuels- which has shown a low energy conversion, and now GE is pitching their electrolyzers with a super plastic that's resistant to the potassium hydroxide electrolyte with a nickel spray coating- plastic from oil and spraying heavy metals- doesn't seem like there's no polluion or energy loss here... Then this dude was trying to say that the nuclear conversion is best. Whatever. Nuclear conversions have a super low effeciency, and I won't go to the topic of Power Plants- as the first one in the US was decommisioned a year after my birth in my home county- my uncle that worked there died youngish of lymphoma. Plus these 2 still operate. There are centers to get KI pills and evacuation routes through the county seat.

End note- usually I just grin and bear discussions like this and won't give it my time, but when I get surly drunk, it's a different story. I'll play my trump card and crush you with my scientific knowledge.

Using dirty energy to make clean energy doesn't solve the problem

Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Camera

The first few moments of the new camera. Yep, I'm on cat duty. And preparing for the St. Patty's Day bar crawl. More photos to come.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Comic Explosion
I ususally try and muster up something creative or at least a unique rambling, but this was too funny to pass up. (Especially in light of my latest shoe buying binge and being really riscally irresponsible). There are a few comics I read daily : Toothpaste for Dinner, White Ninja, Married to the Sea, Minimum Security, ocassionally Red Meat, not daily, but I really wish: Cristy Road, and not really a comic but eye candy none-the-less: Illustration Friday. But then today I stumbled upon the Toothpaste for dinner blog. I can't even rely how funny I think these images are. My workday is going to be much more up beat now

Interesting note on the Married to the Sea page. Scrolling down to the pics of women peddling shirts. 2nd one from the left in the grey shirt- is that a TakeWrning necklace? Cracked off of the same plate as this one? (shown below)- there were more necklaces made from this plate, but it's the only pic I could find this morning.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

We sleep to Dream

An attempt to use modern medicine to help fix some stomach problems, and it has resulted in horrible dreams. Plus I've been sleeping 12+hrs a day, so there have been a good number of vivid dreams. I keep waking up at a certain point in my life I really could do without remembering every half-dozen hours. In better news though, Ruth and I met up and I crochetted a bunch of flowers using the amazing silk yarn from Robbt's mom. And there are tentative plans for a Bomb Squad + Heather trip to Key West in July. If it even nears the Bahamas trip taken YEARS ago, it's gonna be off the hook.