Friday, March 16, 2007

Comic Explosion
I ususally try and muster up something creative or at least a unique rambling, but this was too funny to pass up. (Especially in light of my latest shoe buying binge and being really riscally irresponsible). There are a few comics I read daily : Toothpaste for Dinner, White Ninja, Married to the Sea, Minimum Security, ocassionally Red Meat, not daily, but I really wish: Cristy Road, and not really a comic but eye candy none-the-less: Illustration Friday. But then today I stumbled upon the Toothpaste for dinner blog. I can't even rely how funny I think these images are. My workday is going to be much more up beat now

Interesting note on the Married to the Sea page. Scrolling down to the pics of women peddling shirts. 2nd one from the left in the grey shirt- is that a TakeWrning necklace? Cracked off of the same plate as this one? (shown below)- there were more necklaces made from this plate, but it's the only pic I could find this morning.


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