Monday, March 26, 2007

im in the middle of a project on the breakthrough

I met Basak and other Whole Fooders at Ravari to see Valient Thorr. Hardcoreish Rock n Roll. It was alright. The same energy as a good hardcore show, but just much more musically talented and the singer had an awesome voice

They also had a suprisingly giant/nice tour bus for a band that gets like 20 'fans' out at Ravari.
But slamming pizza at 1:30, home at 2, up at 5:30 to bike my ass to work was a tad rough. It's supposed to be 80 today though and I'll be outta town and unable to ride for like two weeks. In other news, although I'm still sad about this bike no longer being as it was, the frame goes to the powder coater this week, although the decision was made to not try the crank arms again. I'm really sad. I loved those hot pink crank arms more than my own arms. It's absence has made me come to love the Surly more, although is still bothers my reconstructed-3 times-10 yrs ago knee. And it will be a sweet teal to complement the hot pink components and be a Saved By the Bell/Miami Vice esque vechile.


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