Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lazy almost-spring Weekend

While waiting for JG at Blue Nile, I sucked down few cheap-rum & diets, then proceeded to get destroyed at Surly Girl. Ridiculous babbling and fleshhunt prevailed over the Dead Sea/Teeth of the Hydra show, but we still made it to Justin's house warming party, (which was a really sweet place), making my graceful entrance by knocking over his potted plant. yiyi.
It was amazing out Saturday, but I pretty much layed around, read, watched movies and took JG to the airport. Luckily I got out today, and I think that there was a public order to wear spandex while bikeriding in Dublin today. The question is "did I or did I not comply???"
Hard to be envious of JG in SF when it's amazing out here.

I got a slew of new books: Good News for a Change (actually I had this before, and left it on a plane, but it was worth buying again- David Suzuki is pretty amazing, although this book isn't about his achievements), Red Rock Climbing Guide, Las Vegas Limestone, Hiking Vegas, Our Bodies, Ourselves, Taking Charge of Your Fertility (on BLC's recommendation- beats the zine that I usually refer to- and I got a speculum at the Roadblock Tour , hoping to become responsible & not rely on BC- but I'll have this soapbox for another post..., and Equilibrium Staged Separations- I blatently failed this course in college (although I blame it on the itterations in MathCAD that I could never get to work properly), and pretty much burned the book when I squeaked by the 2nd time, but now have been realizing that I need to be more knowledgable in that subject than I am.


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