Friday, March 09, 2007

Pgh Va-ca Sunday Events

So on Sunday I met my parents at the Warhol Museum, which was really nice, (and my dad had an amazing cup of curried carrot soup) then I explored the featured exhibit. I thought that it was titles "The pseudo-science medical experiments of the Nazi's," but it was actually called "Deadly Medicine- Creating the Master Race." Now, what's the difference you may say? Well, the exhibit was put together by the Holocaust Museum and really had the feeling of that museum, lots of screen and artfacts behind glass. There were a good number of propoganda posters which were pretty facinating, but I expected something totally different. This exhibit would have fit well at the History museum- it was pretty clean cut and safe. Since it was being shown at the Warhol, I expected something MUCH more disturbing- with focuses on the awful experiments on twins and those human rights violations. It was kinda disappointing in a sick way. Then I ate awesome Vietnamese at Tram's and shopped some more with Nathan. This time scoring pants-which originally I didn't like, but now I think are going to be perfect for chilly-spring bike riding, and 2 pairs of shoes. Whoo-hooo! I also went grocery shopping at the Asian market in the Strip- it's by far my favorite grocery store- they make their own tofu in the back and it's $0.25 a block and soooo good when it's still warm. They also are one of the few places that make their own soy milk so you can get straight-up plain soy milk, and soy milk that has a touch of sugar in it, so good slightly warm- which is how they do it up in China!


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