Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pittsburgh mini va-ca

I took a little jaunt to Pgh this past weekend and it turned out to be a very pleasant visit. Traffic was bad Friday trying to leave the city b/c of the Arnold Classic, so I waited it out, enjoying some toast and started to read Silent Spring. The drive seemed longer than usual, and I wasn't really in the mood for any of the new music I had burned (Jess Sykes, Emily Haines, Dean and Britta, the new Yoko Ono, Lucinda Williams and the CD with Grand Buffet, Grandmaster Flash, Dinosaur Jr., and the new Gwen Stefani was too scratched to play. When I got to Nathan's, Toni (looking very super-cute in new glasses and a skirt get-up) & Ross were there eating dinner and the amazing Josh (dreads) stopped in for a quick minute. Nathan and I proceeded to drink much whiskey, then he reverted to his lame self and wanted to watch TV so I promptly fell asleep. Nathan had turned from a total hard-core anticapital/black blocist into super shopper, so after a trip to the bird store but before seeing the Zodiac we did some damage at the South Side works. Highlights include Pumas and 2 sweaters and 2 undershirt tanks from Benneton. Zodiac was awesome and we went and saw baby Gus after, who is the littlest, cutest anarcho baby every! I even got to hold him for a few secs inbetween feastings. Then we went to a potluck at Nathan's bosses house who had one of the Dinosaurs then to a young punkish house show. Kids were footbagging in the kitchen and it was too much for me. I passed out and Nathan made out.

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  1. That was sweet -- the making out.


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