Sunday, March 11, 2007

Vegas Baby!

So the purchase of some of the new books: Red Rock Climbing Guide, Las Vegas Limestone and Hiking Vegas was for the up coming trip to Red Rocks. In 18 days! Mike, nathan and I went 2 springs ago (trip report with nice little pic of me on page 3). We had a blast then and I'm getting pretty stoked for this one. (There's a chance that I might be shipped to Albany for 7 days right before, but I really, really hope not) My feet are healed, and I've been trying to hit the gym, certainly am not in leading shape but hopefully will be able to hold my own-- we'll see though.
Goals for this year include- not having my shoes, harness, chalk bag and quickdraws stolen out of my car the week before we leave, letting Binion drive as little as possible, not drinking as much- and definitely not right before bed- I had to miss out on a day or two last time cause my tummy hurt so much, remembering my tummy meds, sport leading a 5.9, packing appropriate layers(it gets pretty cold in the canyons), packing good snacks, taking lots of pics, being more outgoing- meeting more people, not forgetting my helmet when the trek in is 45 minutes and the climb takes 7+ hrs, making sure to get a permit if we do the long trad climbs to avoid the $200 fee, if we go into the city- seeing some of the art galleries- last time we were there during a 'gallery hop' type event, and I saw some really awesome work. Cue the theme song, here's the montage:

The last photo of Nathan and I there makes me a tad sad. I'm pretty attached to a few articles of clothing- I'm particularly OCD about it in the summer. I have sensitive skin & sweat a good deal, so I'm pretty picky about what touches my skin, and these few articles have been worn to a perfectly softened state (one deteriorating pair of jeans, yellow NCOR shirt, blue Pgh Critical Mass shirt and the black Shoney's shirt in the pic) Well, sadly I have lost that shirt, so now I only have 2 shirts to comfortably wear this summer. :-(


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