Monday, April 30, 2007

If weddings were judged by what the couple walked down the aisle to...

If weddings were judged by what the couple walked down the aisle to then this one would take the cake. Phil & Amanda walked down the aisle to Punk Rock Girl by the Dead Milkmen. Being the first love song ever given to me on a mixed tape, it too holds a special place in my heart.
The wedding was at the Columbus Museum of Art with a lunch reception at Barcelona. The ceremony was sweet, personal and short (even a tad shorter for JG and I as we were a bit late) and then we got to check out the museum exhibits before lunch. The food was amazing- hummus, calamari, sangria, mojitos, basil pasta, ginger cake, was really nice, and to top it off- no dancing or DJ. Perfect! Amanda looked really beautiful and Phil and the rest of the climbing crowd cleaned up very nicely.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Today was spent in Cincinnatti learning about toxic chemicals intruding buildings and picking up drilling supplies to sample for meantioned chemicals next month near my parent's home, right next to the coffee shop turned bar (the Copper Dog) that I used to frequent from about 13 on.
There was a very unexpected sign at the drilling supply company:

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

And even when you run through my mind

A few folks have been back in their town from travels elsewhere (NC, Spain, Morocco, the West, Hawaii, etc) but it was the first time I got to see them. Julie leaves Monday, but I got to see her beautiful, innocent face for a quick minute. I thought that it was going to be an appropriate S8 revival, but there was no dancing, only huka smoking, beer, and 1 piece of the creamiest, smoothest, most pleasant piece of vegan cheesecake I've ever had, courtesy of Reda. The secondhand hooka smoke was too much for me to tolerate after an hour, especially coming from yoga*, but I got to bed much earlier than expected, which is never a bad thing.

*-Note- if you live in Columbus, Ashtanga Yoga at Yoga on High is something that you MUST check out. Upfront is seems like a good deal of $$ to throw down, especially when there are cheaper studios in town, but it is really worth it. It had really impacted my outlook on my body and the teachers are really well versed not only in the poses, but the whole idea of practicing yoga and are really strong teachers. Plus the assistants known just how to touch and barely move you for maximum stimulation. Oh sheesh, I totally love it. (And I totally love that I got Mark to do it with me and I get to see him once a week. Yes!) If I didn't already belong to two gym I would sing up for their Unlimited Pass.
To everyone: just get this book. Okay- stepping down from soap box.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


So I try really hard to eat a fruit a day, but being that I only eat bananas and the ocassional pinapple this gets a bit redundant. I've had enough Peanut butter and Banana sandwiches to last me a good long while. Plus, I don't really like foods that are sweet. Don't be fooled here, I love sweets and candies and cookies and cakes, but I don't like sweet meals (sweet potatoes, squash with cinamon, sweet brie, banana curry, etc) so I found the solution

Multi-cultural PT Spread

1/2 cup freshly expelled almond butter
2 tbls fresh plain hummus. I used the bland kind from the Clintonville Coop. It's light on the tanini, no garlic or lemon
1 tbls Indian pickled carrots (adjust to spiciness)
1/2 tbsl Indian pickled limes (careful here, it can become salty quickly)
1 tbls freshly expelled cashew butter (probably would have added more but it was pretty dry)
1/4 of lemon squeezed in (to achieve desirable moisture level)

Toast 2 pieces of rye bread, put a bit of Earth Balance on the toast (probably tastey without, but I have an Earth Balance addiction). Apply Mulitcultural PT Spread to both sides, careful about the amount of pickled carrots if you're worried about spicyness. Thinny slice 1/2 bananna. Lightly sprinkly on nutritional yeast/spiriluna powders, mush both sides together. Cut into eights, serve along side 1/2 cup veg-lentil soup with nutitional yeast topping. Awesome workday meal!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Not your grandma's quiltmaking.

It was a nice lazy Sunday full of bike pondering and nonriding, pierogie making on Wii, and quilt making in the backyard drinking a decent organic pale ale and listening to Rancid/Op Ivy/Against Me. Day also included a little jaunt to Wholly Craft where the lovely Emily was teaching sewing. Max helped me sew and JG destroyed things in the backyard. Late night Taco Ninja (and it also Assainated my breakfast hungery this morning). yes!

Friday, April 20, 2007

My personal hell... has been renamed.

Albany was rough, and South Bend started out bumpy but it has been great since.
Whoo-hoo Remediation!

Semi-sunny, chilly, windy weather is perfect. There was a slight mishap involving my bike locked to a fence and the license plate on the rental car

But my metal-pounding skills made short work of that repair job (but more attention will have to be given to the paint on the Surly and the pink bar tape) and the weather was agreeable today so I got in a few miles. Found Mario on the way:

I found the East Bank trail in downtown South Bend, and it was really well made, maintained and beautiful. I'm sad to say that quarterly sampling has gone to semi-annual, so I won't be out here in July. If I was though the East Bank Emporium would be on the top of the eatery list. Right on the trail on the water. Perfect. During the day I was also able to swing by the South Bend Chocolate Company to pick up some gifts, phoned the brother, had great Indian Food and a beer with Anne Marie.
I had also found the american dream earlier in the week at Target:

Albany flashback:

Art Show Flashback:

I had forgotten about this piece. Although I thought that it was a tad elementary, I really like when canvases are cut and sewn.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tell me boy, Now wouldn't that be sweet?

Meetings had to be had, so work in South Bend was pushed to a Tuesday start thus allowing me to stick around an accompany JG to the OSU undergrad Art Show as Hopkins Hall. He was there to present scholarships for Art and Technology in honor of his bestfriend/cofounder. Although he was relieved that someone else ended up handing it out for him, I was really looking forward to hearing him speak. I didn't get to see the work of 2 of the 3 winners, but the one I did see was a glass bowl with water which when you placed your hand over you were to be able to feel odd vibrations. JG put his hand in the water and I didn't want to get too close to the resonations, but it looked interesting.
Although we were both still under the weather we quickly stopped at Barley's where I consumed mashed potatoes, potato salad, ginger ale and rootbeer and I was off to South Bend.

My personal favorite:
and of course JGii

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Happy Belated Easter!

I received a package today from my mumsie with Easter treasures. The chocolate covered pretzels from Anderson's Candies were VERY tempting. Anderson's is a small candy store in Baden near my parent's house. Growing up it was a big deal to stop there- usually on the way home from piano lessons since we were in the area, and always getting a box of nonpareils for my grandma. Also through out middle and highschool, the choc covered oreos, peanut butter covered chocolate disk or 2 choc covered pretzels wrapped in clear plastic with the Anderson's logo in green were toted around in handled cardboard boxes by band and sports kids fundraising and sold for $1 each. Sheesh, they were SOOOOO good. I don't ever remember having to sell them- my mom probably just assumed I'd eat as much as she needed to donate- but I remember buying a hefty amount. Wow, I can almost taste that oreo melting in my mouth now....
Alas, the Abany stomach bug has me eating tiny flower pastas (the co-op sadly didn't have alphabets) with butter (actually earth balance and nutritional yeast) just like my grandma used to make me and ginger ale. So the Cadbury eggs, dove chocolates and candy strapped to a paddle ball (AMAZING!!) will have to wait. Luckily I wasn't tempted to eat the socks, golf newsletter, bike shirt or bike necklace!

Besides cleaning my car (a biannual event) and packing for Sout Bend, I got to watch Addams Family Values, Ghostbusters, some awful Ghostbusters videos on YouTube, start my ashtanga yoga book, whip up some asian curry peanut butter (well, mine was indian curry and pickled carrots almond butter) and sew my pants. What a nice, lazy Sunday.

Back from Albany

A midnight return from Albany carrying a stomach bug led to a sleepy Friday, Friday night, Saturday, and almost Saturday night- but I mustered up energy to go to yoga in the morning (which I'm very glad that I did, although there was a good deal of traffic from the Columbus Marathon down High Street) then out to a sports bar on 161 to see KTan in for the weekend from Vancouver and to celebrate Jess's birthday. Everyone was talking about possibly heading to the Red next weekend. Yay!!! Climbing season is almost here. (Too bad it's training for TOSRV month, but I'm not in training mode... More in stagnant, travelling for work/illness mode. I'm off to South Bend tomorrow and the hotel doesn't have a workout room. At this point I'm just hoping that this one doesn't have ants like Albany...

cJess the bday girl

and Michele, the gracious organizer.