Sunday, April 15, 2007

Back from Albany

A midnight return from Albany carrying a stomach bug led to a sleepy Friday, Friday night, Saturday, and almost Saturday night- but I mustered up energy to go to yoga in the morning (which I'm very glad that I did, although there was a good deal of traffic from the Columbus Marathon down High Street) then out to a sports bar on 161 to see KTan in for the weekend from Vancouver and to celebrate Jess's birthday. Everyone was talking about possibly heading to the Red next weekend. Yay!!! Climbing season is almost here. (Too bad it's training for TOSRV month, but I'm not in training mode... More in stagnant, travelling for work/illness mode. I'm off to South Bend tomorrow and the hotel doesn't have a workout room. At this point I'm just hoping that this one doesn't have ants like Albany...

cJess the bday girl

and Michele, the gracious organizer.


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