Tuesday, April 24, 2007


So I try really hard to eat a fruit a day, but being that I only eat bananas and the ocassional pinapple this gets a bit redundant. I've had enough Peanut butter and Banana sandwiches to last me a good long while. Plus, I don't really like foods that are sweet. Don't be fooled here, I love sweets and candies and cookies and cakes, but I don't like sweet meals (sweet potatoes, squash with cinamon, sweet brie, banana curry, etc) so I found the solution

Multi-cultural PT Spread

1/2 cup freshly expelled almond butter
2 tbls fresh plain hummus. I used the bland kind from the Clintonville Coop. It's light on the tanini, no garlic or lemon
1 tbls Indian pickled carrots (adjust to spiciness)
1/2 tbsl Indian pickled limes (careful here, it can become salty quickly)
1 tbls freshly expelled cashew butter (probably would have added more but it was pretty dry)
1/4 of lemon squeezed in (to achieve desirable moisture level)

Toast 2 pieces of rye bread, put a bit of Earth Balance on the toast (probably tastey without, but I have an Earth Balance addiction). Apply Mulitcultural PT Spread to both sides, careful about the amount of pickled carrots if you're worried about spicyness. Thinny slice 1/2 bananna. Lightly sprinkly on nutritional yeast/spiriluna powders, mush both sides together. Cut into eights, serve along side 1/2 cup veg-lentil soup with nutitional yeast topping. Awesome workday meal!


  1. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Because I feel like being a pain in the ass...

    Are you bothered at all about the amount of energy it takes to transport bananas and pineapples to central Ohio? Or the politics of corporate banana plantations vs local sustainable food supplies?


  2. Yeah, it actually bothers me alot. But if you look at what I'm actually supposed to be eating and the realization that I'm allergic to almost all fruits/veggies/soy- things pretty much stink.
    So bananas and toast for me it is!

  3. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Yeah, I just discovered that my cat is allergic to turkey, wheat, shrimp, salmon, sweet potatoes, peas, and several other things.

    Even the expensive all natural organic stuff from the co-op isn't safe for him.

    I might end up feeding him bananas.



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