Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy PMMD!

Happy Post Memorial/Mustashe Day! (more on that later when I sneak a photo)
Instead of grilling, potato salad, veggie dogs and sunburn, my holiday was spent at Home Depot, on the humid back porch and in the basement. Yes folks, we worked all day to build a creature barrier! We enclosed a good portion of the basement with a 4ft high wall. Now the basement has a corral-feel to most of it, but it helped us organize everything and keeps the cats out of the bike/silk screen/laundry/my massive amounts of stuff area. And it forced us to organize a few things, so overall it was a successful holiday I must say. Plus I got to see the rare action of JG utilizing carpentry tools. Yes!
In the evening I headed to Surly Girl for the Columbus Craft Council meeting. There were only four of us, but I couldn't have asked for four better ladies to spend the evening with. It was a real treat. And it's the first time I've really seen Renee since she got back from the circus (seriously) annddd.... she's now the head cook @ Surly, annddd.... they're putting together a new menu, sooo... we were able to test the amazing tofu that will be included. I can't wait for the new deliciousness to go with my PBR.
It's the first meeting that I've gone to after handing in my keys to the apartment above the bar. I have to say that after a few episodes of breakdown and not wanting to give up the space, I was pretty happy to head home to Clintonville. No- take that back- extremely giddy, greatful & in general overwhelmed at all the nice things I was feeling/thinking.
Then I promptly passed out two feet from the front door due to sheer exhaustion.
Last glimpse of the old place:
(I also concluded that Amy Wynn from Trading Spaces has my dream job. )

Monday, May 28, 2007

Full House

Okay, here's a little trivia:
Q:When you go to bed drinking PBR at 2 am, get up at 8 am, drive to playing fields, set up your chair,crack open a Miller Lite and eat some cookies- what action is taking place?

A: 6 college kids are staying at your house for the intercollegiate ulitimate frisbee tournament at OSU.

Oh, and the backporch became a salon:

It was too hot in the house for them:


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Work in

I was in my parent's northern Pittsburgh suburb last week for work:

But man, I didn't visit the, but did get to ride in the Plymouth, Ikea shop, get plants from local farms. I also did two more activites, but those will be rambled about later...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh College

After a trip to Bridal Boutique, Dad and I picked up Craig, fixed my bike, drank at the Sharp Edge then headed to a cookout at Craig's in Oakland. Oh to sit on a front porch on Pitt Campus again...

Craig's Roommate:

Room with a view:

His Chairman Mao beats mine:

I had never drank with so many engineers:

Aptartment E

Spring in the Short North

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New home

I know that he's in a better place (maybe I'm just jealous that I'm not there too), but it's just not as fun as when he's around.

An Open Letter

Dear My Bike that I love alot,

When we first met, I didn't want you, instead wanting the red bike with white handle bar tape. I'm glad Nathan talked me into taking you though (Craig still rides that red bike and it's not very nice). You treated me well through the hills of Pittsburgh, around Bob's Lake, Ontario, up the coast of CA and in Cbus when I first moved. You tried to kill me when the peddle fell off in traffic, but I didn't hold it against you. Instead I got you pink pedals and we rode to Dublin frequently.
Then I tried to strip you. Your paint wouldn't come off, but dad came through and had you sweetly powder coated and delievered you back to me in like a stork bring a prefect sweet baby.
I know I've avoided you this last week that you've finally been home, and when I finally got to you, no one was able to change your headset, but I wanted to know that I still love you. I haven't finished your seat cover, I've been riding the Surly, yes, and one of the cats threw up under you this morning, but that doesn't mean that I don't dream about you. I've been plotting a matching bag and possibly a headbadge design. Next week will be hectic with Craig coming on Friday and I may not come back until Tuesday, and have to go to the stomach dr. and finish moving out of my aptartment in there too, but I promise to ride you (if it doesn't rain of course) to Critical Mass on Friday.

Love, Petie

Monday, May 14, 2007

Also HMD to BLC.

Also, happy mothers day to the newest scientist/activist mom that I know. BLC!
I swoon when I think about good people having kids. (Especially one as cute as Gus!)
(PS, I think that in the activist link, BLC is wearing one of my necklaces. sweet!)

Mom, you raised a good one

Some of my favorite pics of my mom are either packed up around my place or possibly at their house so you'll be missing out on this great b&w photo of my mom pre-kids. I only had slides around, but the one above is pretty nice. Me with a monster face, Chauch in the belly, shelves that dad built for all my books to look like houses. Thanks for everything mom, I wish I could have come home yesterday.


TOSRV weekend.
Tummy won out on the physical side, but overall an amazing weekend. Luckily John had Mike to ride with as I bailed early, but I happily made them a feast to come home too.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Although I wouldn't have picked the curtains...

Although I would never have picked curtains with tiny flowers on them, I can deal.
It's especially cute when he leaves his hat on the table. Swooooonnnn...

Indian Caverns!!!

Last Sunday's Trip to the Olentangy Indian Caverns