Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Not every Monday is like this...

It's starts off waking up early to get to work super early to leave for a chunk of the day. Leave even earlier to hit the doctors and buy some flowers. Head to Tracer for a little suprise party for JG. The last minute trip to South Bend, a day of hungoverness, and 70 mile bike ride on Sunday led me to be unable to finish my gift, but one day... after TOSRV...

By the time I had arrived, the Dino had blown a fuse in the building, the icecream cake had been eaten (sickening anyways) and it was starting to ran so we everyone headed inside to Wii. The sun broke through, the fuse was restored and everyone headed back outside.

KTan was in town werkin' on his hybrid short buses so I lured him over with Wii, but you only ended up in the Dino.
More pics here
Then headed to Mad Mex for the biggest burrito scam/Julie's Good bye happy Hour. Famished, I opted with everyone else for the all-you-can-eat burritos. They were 2x2x4" and took about 35 minutes to get one. So after 2, my time had expired. It was nice to see Julie before she left to go live in the woods in Iowa/meditate in the desert. And lovely to catch up with Ian and Reda and it was really nice to see Lindsey. There was even talk of going to Marcon again in June with her.

Swung by the apt to discover it full of ants, just like it was 2 summers ago right before a pipe burst. Luckily I'm moving out. Hoped downstairs for the Columbus Craft Collective Mixer sponsered by Olivia of Wholly Craft. It was nice to mingle with Emily, Amy and the cutest, funniest lady I've seen in a good while Amy D. Suzette, a boy who made cuffs under the name bootleg or bootstrap, a lady who makes kitty themed knits and a lady doing research on crafting. Instresting but small group. (about half as many as last time). Talked about the upcoming events such as Art vs. Craft, Renegade, Craftin outlaws and Comfest. I pretty much just ate brownies and thought about how I haven't been making stuff. Awwwww.

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  1. you are the absolute sweetest! i'm so glad you came last night!


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