Friday, June 29, 2007

It's been a great year buddy.

We were introduced under the pretense "you guys should meet, you do the same things". Not that you cleaned up toxic cesspools nor did I make dancing calculators, so with puzzled looks Scott gave us the answer "No, you both WORK." Yes, on that crazy post-Critical Mass meeting we were the only two that worked for a living. A mindblowing concept indeed. I took this pic that day. His foot and the reflection on my hot bike cranks in his hub. On the bike I had to ship to SF earlier this week.
The next day we stumbled upon each other after I was out with work folk at Surly. As they were leaving you grabbed my bag and we sat out in front of the Goodyboy all night chatting.
Our lives have greatly altered since that Saturday last summer and it's awesome. I just wish you were here.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Comfest Wrap up- 2

Matt was in town from Athens with some friends and it was great to see him. We go way back- circa 99 in the OU dorms to be more clear. Anyhow, he bought a necklace for his girlfriend, so now you should buy something for yours! Like this:

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"Fine handcrafted appliqued handbag. Remnant/ recycled/ found/ reclaimed fabrics used. Base fabric is a study upholstery fabrics so it can take some abuse.
Hand wash or gentle cycle, lay flat to dry"

I put a few more items up on the site. I absolutely love this bag. Especially the sequins. Although maybe the purses should be ironed before I post more photos. After looking at my new work, motivation to engineer things in a cold, cubical world really decreases...

To the West

So I dropped JG off at the airport last evening so he can wake up to this view for most weeks a month.

I was pretty sad, but mainly jealous. Although I don't think they'd both of us in this type of place at the same time. My arms probably wouldn't fit through the doorway.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Comfest Wrap-up 1

Special thanks to Amy, Chris and Ruth for coming over, enduring me totally stressed out, forced to use strong glues, bang a hammer, fire the glue gun and run the sewing machine to help me out for Comfest. It made a huge difference in my stock, presentation and overall sanity. Thank you so much

You can get Chris and Amy's crafts at Wholly Craft but also, check out Chris's website Bootleg and he also plays around town in the Andy Shaw Band. Amy can be found Tuesdays & Fridays 10:30-2 in July & August at the Lynn & Pearl Alley Markets, off of Gay St., Columbus, outside of Columbus, you can spy on her blog but mainly you should buy her stuff on Etsy. She and I will also be showing works at the Junction View Studios in Grandview at the end of July in the ArtFits show. Well, Ruth isn't a crafter, but she's a sweet lady that used to endure Ashland with me so if you're ever ever at Larry's or ORielly's or Patrick J's on a Thursday, see her and are thinking to yourself "Now, who should I buy a beer?" Pick her, she'll have good convo, but tell her why, otherwise you may scare her...
Also, in a move from various crafting, I'm going to focus on more refined jewelry, fiber arts and bike parts, so I'm slowly listing the rest on my etsy site, priced to move! Most of this stuff was custom made for the now-closed shops of Kharisma and Monica's Divas in the South Side of Pittsburgh, and I really can't manage it any longer. I'll probably be posting some crafting supplies too, so check frequently!
Subpar pic of one of the new purses:

Buy the old stuff:

Comfest- Saturday

Saturday went very well at Comfest. The rain was driven away by the beginning of the Pride parade so there was a nice steady flow of traffic. People seem to be really interested in the new bags, so much so that I resorted to hand stitching while sitting in the booth and pretty much as soon as I'd put them out, they'd sell. (which is very encouraging since I have about 30 more 1/4 finished ones in my house). Had the pleasure of seeing a bit of Sarah Asher and loitered around the Third Hand booth. Amy, Melissa and Olivia stopped by the booth as did a whole other sting of people that I haven't seen in a while. Woody Pines played a set across the street from our booth. All in all a good day!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Comfest- Friday

Emily and I are sharing a booth again on Russell St. Come see us!

Comfest 2007- Friday

This is what metal looks like in the sunshine:

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Comfest 2007

I've been struggling to find the balance between work and craft, but it has been especially stressful lately. I've been attempting to get a lot done for Comfest, but time continues to be my enemy. I'm excited to see Emily and see everyone headed into town for the weekend. So come visit me!

Metal and Croquet

Alex's birthday meant beer, veggie burger, potato salad, death metal boys and their cute little dogs. And croquet, of course.

Then JG and I headed home, drank mojitos, lite a fire and passed out next to it in the backyard. Amazing evening.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Home Office

Congrats Ladyface

Yay! Reda and Ian are tiein' the knot this week! Oh how both of our lives have changed from last year this time at the S8 house. I love you lady and wish you the best. <3

Tracer Open House

I was told to come at 7 to take some pics of the mingling, but by the time I arrived most people had left and although only Tracer folk were still around, it was not as chaotic as I had heard past events had been. And then I took sub-par photos in the low light.
Wii Attack, binging and whiffle ball:

The guy with the space above them has a collection of penny scales. Including the one on the Velvet Underground cover (hung out with Lou Reed's personal assistant on Saturday now this. 2 VU connections in one week Dang!) :

Meridith jammed everyone she tried to put her penny into:

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mobile Blogging

Today's updates courtesy of the camera phone.

Nathan and Gus in Pittsburgh

Maria in Philly with her newly fired sculpture for her upcoming show.

Maria's Foot Tats

Bathroom stall at the Newport

Me in the 100 degree sea of fabric last night