Friday, June 29, 2007

It's been a great year buddy.

We were introduced under the pretense "you guys should meet, you do the same things". Not that you cleaned up toxic cesspools nor did I make dancing calculators, so with puzzled looks Scott gave us the answer "No, you both WORK." Yes, on that crazy post-Critical Mass meeting we were the only two that worked for a living. A mindblowing concept indeed. I took this pic that day. His foot and the reflection on my hot bike cranks in his hub. On the bike I had to ship to SF earlier this week.
The next day we stumbled upon each other after I was out with work folk at Surly. As they were leaving you grabbed my bag and we sat out in front of the Goodyboy all night chatting.
Our lives have greatly altered since that Saturday last summer and it's awesome. I just wish you were here.


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