Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mark Traugher

Parents were amazingly in town (but sadly I have no pics). Trudged around Clintonville and campus to find the radiology office.Swung by the Arts Fest downtown. Mark Traugher and grilled veggies were the only thing mentionable. It seemed pretty random to see Mark's work- stencils and the above drawing of the sock monkey next to the fused glass, ocean paintings and what not but really nice. Stencils at the Art Fest! He's done it for 2 years, so it was pretty neat to see someone making a living that way.
On Saturday my parents helped me plant a pickle garden (well cucumbers, but the end goal being pickles), squeezed some manual labor out of JG, and BOUGHT US A GRILL! Not just a grill, but it looks like a grill from Lost in Space. Yay! I never thought that I would be excited for a cooking device, but we had a bunch of people over Sat night, so it was really, really nice. Then vegan dogs and sauerkraut Sunday.
Hit up my craft crush Amy D’s trunk show at Wholly Craft Sunday night. Purchased the Hot to Trot Tshirt Dress (scroll down) but it’s debatable if it’ll make it as a birthday gift or remain as a PT gift….
Then silk screen Monday! The lovely Emily and I are once again sharing a booth at Comfest so screening and fabric cutting is in full swing. I’m really excited, I have so many new ideas, but time is my enemy- hours just fly by.

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  1. Mrs. Olgivey9:28 AM

    You didn't find the giant mastadon made out of rusty nails mentionable?


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