Monday, June 04, 2007

Sarah's getting Married!

Sarah and Nick

(from her sister's wedding 2 springs ago)

When I was home at the end of May, Dad and I went to Bridal Beginings so I could be fitted for a bridesmaids dress for Sarah's Wedding.
Sarah is probably my oldest friend. Rumor has it that we played indoor soccer together in 4th grade. I played for her school's team, since they were the only other team in our county with girls. We were formally reunited years later (7th grade) when we both played for the newly-formed girls team representing the county. We were weekly beat down by established teams like the Pittsburgh Strikers and the Beading Soccer League. It was about then that Sarah said "You gotta listen to this", and popped a black cassette into the player and it was my first dose of Operation Ivy. I was changed.

For years we travelled the tri-state area staying in Knight's Inns and eating at Shoney's. We had great times on and off the field, and I was actually sad when my high school formed a girls team my freshman year, so I couldn't play with the boys against Sarah's school. I wasn't able to play my senior year as my ACL needed it's 2nd surgey, but Sarah and I made up for the lack of soccer fun by doing things like going to see Mariyn Manson (I wasn't a fan, but I have to say it was an amazing vegas-like show, and we were in about the 10th row). She always wore big Dr. Martens with crazy tights and cord. skirts. We're a lot different than we were then- she's a manager at the Limited and I do this and that, but here's a look at the past:
First is a printout from a booth in the amusement park at Lake Erie- on the cusp of digital technology. Second-from my bedroom, circa 9th or 10thgrade. The third from Beaver Valley Classic League, on the right is Angie- she's the maid of honor.


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