Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom..

Sometimes it takes being totally beaten to come back up.
So once again I ended up in the ER after a few days in pain, turned out not serious, but they gave me Reglan through the IV and then told me to take the pills when I got home. I had taken it in college with really awful side effects, but decided to give it another go. NEVER AGAIN. The drug affects receptors in your nervous system and the side effects make you feel like you're between a bad drug trip scene in a movie and asleep. But the act of actual sleeping spans for about two hours of horrid lucid dreams.
If anyone is ever prescribed Reglan make sure you have a day to recover from the side effects and don't plan on driving while on it. And read about up on it before taking it for an extended period of time.
The drugs finally wore off at about 8 this evening and I seriously feel like a million bucks now. I even feel like organizing things, getting ready for Comfest and being a good engineer again. Yay! I can't wait for my parents to come on Friday now!!!

(yes I actually folded that fabric.)


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