Monday, June 04, 2007

Weekend Review

The cold weather was gone and the weekend was ours to use to it's full potential. Friday night was Girls night! featuring Pizza Bites, cake, Cheetos and Shag. Saturday JG and I headed to the shopping area near us to try and get produce from the Farmers Market (we were too late and everything wassold out), but found someone selling LEMONGRASS!!! and got pineapple sage and garlic (to go with the dill and pickles that I'm growing to attempt canning). Obtained some beer (ginger & regular) making supplies, tried to talk JG into buying this WWII Raliegh he was swooning over and got some cute cards by BoyGirl Party at Sparrowfish.

Then we took the green Raliegh cruiser & Kogswell porteur out to Gallery Hop. Ate at Betty's, swung by the Sherrie Gallery where their featured artist is going to be Arthur Hash in July. Squeeealll! Headed downtown to Tip Top for whiskey and Eggplant fries, then to Studio 35 for Oberon and Xanadu.
Woke up Sunday fiercely sick and singing "Xanadu, your neon lights will shine
for you, Xanadu." Dinner with Ruth at Whole World and invited people over for game night at 8:30.
Moped around until 8:30 and was getting sad that only Olivia, Seth and Rick were the only ones possibly coming. But then within an hour our house was full!

Thanks to everyone for coming. (and braving the rain!) I had been MIA and a tad down lately, so it was really nice to have everyone over. Especially to drink tomato juice with PBR and play Trivial Pursuit

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