Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday in Cbus!

Tonight was the Art Fits show at JunctionView Studios. I traded doing some commission work for finishing my piece to go there, and that's okay. They could have had a bit more context with the show (it focused on artists who've given up art to pursue other things- like real work, families, life, etc- and I think they could have played that up a bit. If you came in the back entrance it looked like a gallery of studyhall pen drawings and awful oil paintings (the one crazy lady told me not to photograph those). But coming in the main entrance, the newspaper article was there, and beer, and good works. It had a very Art All night feel, but about 1/10 of the space. Amy was showing 3 pieces and here's glimpse:

Overall, a really nice event. We left when the music was starting, but it was nice to meet Amy's partner Randy, who was back from his man hike in Colorado.

Oh, and if someone would gift me a Flickr ProAccount I could post more pics from the show. :-p


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