Sunday, July 29, 2007


Due an outdated teal color and awful, awful stench, it was time to rip out the carpet.
Growing up on nights/Saturdays/summers, I worked with my dad on all of his rental units. I'm pretty greatful for everything I learned slaving away, but the thing that I am most greatful for was the stance on renters not having pets. I had seen a lot through the years (most memorably then night we went to evict someone and there was blood all over the apt. We got some sweet metal cassettes out of that one though), but man, this was bad. Contrary to growing up, I adorned approirate PPE that I had in my car for work and made short work of it.

I can honestly say that I've never been happier recently with a completed project. Sure, the floors aren't as nice underneath as JG would like the house to look, but damn, it's pretty nice in there. And the indoor air quality is now at an appropiate level.
Still some more scrubbing and washing to do, but I may even be able to sleep in there now. yay!

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