Friday, July 20, 2007

Teenage Wasteland

The last week at work has been incredible for my sanity. It was good to get out of Cbus and dig in the dirt for a few days. (Even if those days were about 5-9 when accounting for drive time, but I really wanted to be home in the evenings) It was refreshing to be out in the field and interacting WITH OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. IN THE SUN. And was good to talk about opinions of different firms/industries.
But also, when I was at home I watched Harlan County USA. First accidently with the subtitles on, but it really makes for a greater appreciation of the film that way, and made me remember why I did my senior research under Dr. Murphy when at the time he was a leader in mine safety (and I like how in his bio he stresses lab saftey- I got to tell my UEL explosion story at an interview earlier this week) and then later that year miners were trapped in PA... vs. what I'm doing now vs. what I want to do vs. what I should do...
SO anyhow, being out there made me even more uncertain on what to do with my future, but I think over the next year or two, I have a good body of work that I want to put together (quilts and jewelry).
But the main byproduct of the long days- I've this song stuck in my head all week. and in my feet- there may have been a bit of dancing next to the trench.

OK, this exhausted, rambling PT is going to bed. Sorry Deadsea, I would have loved to have seen you this evening.

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  1. Oh yeah, I also had a dream that JG and I lived (normal lives, not in some swanky downtown apt) in SF and we were both homesick/mentally down/etc, and we walked into this bike bar in the Mission and Teenage Wasteland was playing and I spied Lorraine in this dress across the bar and then there was Stewie, and Lacy, and Suzanne and Jessie Parrotti and even Matt Riley. In his blue jumpsuit of course. We danced all night and were never sad for ourselves again.


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