Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dan's Apt in the Haight

Dan's Apt, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.
Prior to Japantown, I had wandered through downtown and grabbed fafalel at a Turkish cafe
After Japantown I wandered through Alamo Square to Dan's apartment in the Haight. Right near the medical marijuana and BBQ corner. It was great. We go back to the Pgh activist days, and now he's a school teacher- previously teaching english lit to disadvantaged african-american youth & coaching track, now onto teaching english in a predominately latin american school. He's great. We drank Red Stripes before devowering calzones. Then onto $1 PBRs and shuffle board. JG finished up his 12 hr work day and came out, which was an awesome treat too.


  1. Hey Patrice! It's Dina. I found you through Flickr and then I found your blog.


  2. duuuude! you drank my favorite beer. it tastes better back in the mother land.
    i grew up on that shit :) my big belly depends on it.


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