Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dinner is served

BBQ sauce from the Asian market down the street, tomatoes, basil and mint from the garden, tofu and onion from the Co-op. All on my birthday grill!

On a Pittsburgh note:
Then JG and I had my Pgh sandwich creation (veggie cheese steak, coleslaw & fries) at Tip Top.
Write up in Readymade Mag about Braddock.
JG, my dad, mom and I were having beers at Betty's and there was a guy in a Steelers T. Then I came home and saw this post


  1. I got a baby too. 14 days! Say you read Warhol, so I thought I would drop by, glad I did. Nice site.

  2. Dang, that's a new baby.
    I like your blog too! Esp the "HOPE" text art

  3. Does that can of sauce have a Swastika on it???
    The Nazis really did ruin that symbol for everyone.
    Scary scary sauce can!!


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