Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Herbivore in the MIssion

Herbivore in the mIssion, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.
So for the first half of my adventure into the Mission, I thought that I had left my memory card for my camera in my computer @ home. After walking/biking around for a few hours I realized that my messenger bag was crippling my back because it was full of books AND MY COMPUTER. Duh. So there aren't that many photos from yesterday. You are spared.
One of the nicest conveniences SF has to offer me is their variety of drinks in common resturants. I'm not really a food snob- picky, yes, but not really focused on high-brow quality or anything rational- but I do like a good soda. Mainly Ginger ale and Ginger beer, but occasionally a root beer or orange soda. Eateries here always have quality bottled options and some of the breweries make root beer, ginger ale and/or orange soda WHICH THEY KEEP ON TAP. Amazing.
Places like Pittsburgh and Columbus do not seem to get the idea of quality soda. Most bars/restaurants fake ginger ale by mixing Coke and Sprite from the gun behind the bar. Yeah, it's a gross, terrible idea and it's even worse when they specifically say that they have ginger ale.
Creepy Baby outside a shop

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