Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vacation! Morro Bay

Morro Bay, originally uploaded by Petie_in_Cbus.
It took us longer to travel down Highway 1 than expected, and stops like "Big Sur" just weren't the Santa Cruz type towns we were expecting. Finally getting to Morro Bay, I was pretty sad as it was COLD, as I really wanted to swim in the ocean. I love swimming in the ocean and thought that we were far enough south to get my fix. I was very wrong though. So we wandered around the town- it was small, cute, but very quiet. The boy in the pizza shop indicated that tourist season was already dropping off, but it was intersting to see how many motels were there, but lack of people. So we ate good pizza at Pizza Port, camped in the State Park with about 100 others. There was better food in the Marina Restaurant than in the town, so we consumed Nachos, read an issue of Dirty Found by the light of headlamps in the tent while listening to the intoxicated dad ramble on next to us. It was a VERY amusing experience.
In the morning hiked up Black Hill. It was really nice to be out there. The air was pretty chilly at about 65 degrees out, but the sun was warm. Anyways, the trail itself was short, but we explored a few of the side trails and got to see the Rock, the Power Plant, the marshes and the side heading away from the ocean, where there were interesting exposed rock formations and rolling dusty hills. We smelled and tasted the eucalyptus along the way and had a nice little snack at the top.
We headed down, stopped in town at Morro Bay Cyclery to check out the Whizzer. The owner wasn't too personalble, so we quickly left and ate the biggest burritos ever. Sadly then, we had to return to the city. But I must say, I had a nice little vacation with JG.
Morro BayMorro BayMorro BayMorro Bay- Black Hill Hike
Morro Bay- Black Hill Hike


  1. Someone from Ashland5:10 PM

    Did you stop at Pt. Montara? I stayed in a really cool hostel inside of a lighthouse. A run-down old shack nearby serves great mexican food.

  2. Awwww, wish I would have known! We were planning on staying down near Santa Barbara, just stopping at Morro Bay for the day, but the distance was longer than expected.

  3. someone from ashland3:25 PM

    It's a really cool place (if you don't mind doing a few chores as part of your bill)

    I regret missing Santa Cruz when I was out that way.


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